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    Schecter blackjack C-7 ATX for sale!

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    2 New Fallen Martyr Solo's from upcoming full length!

    Michael Gerlach YouTube - New Fallen Martyr solo Gabriel Luis YouTube - Solo - new song from full length Michael uses an Agile Interceptor 25.5 scale I (Gabriel) use a Schecter Blackjack Atx 26.5 scale Tuning = Bb Standard
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    7 String solooooo

    Old Song...but one of my favorite vids. I played it to the guitar pro track only because the actual recording was half a step up and i was too lazy to tune up i had just woken up...which explains the pirate looking shorts lol:eek: YouTube - The New Aeon Solo (7 string)
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    Washington, DC Metal - FALLEN MARTYR

    Hey guys we just signed up on here, and want to meet fellow Seven string guitarist's/musicians and or just anyone else who is on this forum!:wavey: We are Fallen Martyr from DC/MD. If you have a second, we'd appreciate it if you checked us out!:hbang: We arent looking for people to be...