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  1. WarOfAttrition

    Mesa Studio Pre question

    I am planning on buying a Mesa Studio Preamp and running it into my JCM800 clone. Should I just plug the main out of the preamp into the input of the 800? The amp has no effects loop.
  2. WarOfAttrition

    Bass string gauge question

    I want to tune my 34" scale bass up a half step to F. What string set would you recommend?
  3. WarOfAttrition

    What 7 string to purchase?

    I am looking for a 7 string under $2000 AUD that is 27" scale and doesn't have EMG routes. Only one that comes to mind with a 27" scale is an LTD SC 607 but that has EMG routes. Does anybody else know any? I would go for Carvin but they wont come to Australia.
  4. WarOfAttrition

    What 7 string to purchase?

  5. WarOfAttrition

    Stopping floyd rose spring reverb!

    I didn't know how to search for it but can somebody please help me? When I am playing my guitar the springs in the back cavity make this echo and it is really annoying! The springs keep rattling too.
  6. WarOfAttrition

    New and Old Pedal Day!!!!!

    The New! The Old! I bet nobody else on the forum has a DM-2 :)
  7. WarOfAttrition


    Hey guys, new pickup day! And a new pedal day coming up soon :) SH-5 Custom SH-6 Distortion SH-1 '59 ENJOY! :shred:
  8. WarOfAttrition

    Check out my band! :)

    Have a listen to our stuff on our bandcamp: War of Attrition I am aware that there is already a band called War of Attrition but we are going to change it very soon!!! Hope you guys like the music! :hbang:
  9. WarOfAttrition

    Duncan neck suggestions

    Hey guys, a while ago I had a NPUD post that fucked up haha. I got the SH-5 Custom and the SH-6 Distortion. I got them to put in my bolt on alder Epiphone SG and experiment with tones! I need help for picking neck pickups for them. I was looking at the SH-1 '59 for the neck to match the SH-5...
  10. WarOfAttrition


    I got some Duncans from my trip to Hawaii! A distortion and a custom! I am going to try the custom in the neck with the distortion in the bridge but I will probably just take that out for the bridge position in another guitar.. I got some Four Loko and went shooting in Hawaii too :lol:
  11. WarOfAttrition

    What BKPs to use?

    I have a Schecter Damien FR 6 string and it has a basswood body, bolt on maple neck and a rosewood fretboard. I am looking for a tone that can do djent and death metal well without bad cleans. Any opinions? :cool:
  12. WarOfAttrition

    What is an impulse response?

    Can someone please explain what these are? :shred: