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  1. prlgmnr

    If you had $2kUSD for a custom 8 string, what would you get?

    actually now I think about it this site is littered with examples of builders to go with if this is the outcome I really want
  2. prlgmnr

    If you had $2kUSD for a custom 8 string, what would you get?

    What guitar should I get if I don't want to get a guitar?
  3. prlgmnr

    Vik Duality 8 string run *CLOSED RUN*

    it continues to surprise me that no one has gone down the route of "shake him upside down til the money falls out"
  4. prlgmnr

    Sentenced - Nepenthe - Cover

    excellent choice
  5. prlgmnr

    Wintersun's Groundhog's Day Thread

    He just needs us to buy him one computer to render each track because of how complex they are and then he'll let us know the first letter of each word in the name of the song.
  6. prlgmnr

    An overview of Hate Eternal's discography

    I remember when I was just getting into death metal and got King of All Kings, In Their Darkened Shrines and Blackwater Park on the same day, what a day that was
  7. prlgmnr

    Need help identifying frankenstein Ibanez

    Don't think Dr Frankenstein gets enough credit among guitarists for inventing the bolt-on neck
  8. prlgmnr

    Need help identifying frankenstein Ibanez

    It's actually Frankenstein's Ibanez
  9. prlgmnr

    Petrucci 8 String Possibility? IT DOES EXIST!

    "Stuff that no one likes" is an essential part of the Dream Theater brand
  10. prlgmnr

    Official Daemoness Guitars Thread

    He's just taken it off for a couple of days while preparing his announcement: you get a guitar, and you get a guitar, and you get a guitar, and so on...
  11. prlgmnr

    Paramore live

    Don't know why I clicked on this thread, don't know why I played this video, but this cut me in half like some kind of giant industrial saw, and I'd never even heard it before.
  12. prlgmnr

    The Twitter fued we didn't know we needed....

    I'm even more worried about you than usual, everything ok?
  13. prlgmnr

    SSO: Deep Thoughts

    take it you haven't been following much UK news recently
  14. prlgmnr

    NGD: EBMM BFR Cutlass Lime Green 19/40

    It's marking out the bit he's going to cut out to make it into a Voyager
  15. prlgmnr

    NGD Mimetic Polyalloy

    cons: your foster parents are dead pros: you got this sick guitar
  16. prlgmnr

    Jackson B7: The Pablo's Lost 24th Fret

    so THAT explains how that Kelly ended up with 23 frets
  17. prlgmnr

    Mayones 40th Anniversary Guitars

    Has anyone got one of these 40 year old Mayones'ses? I've always wanted a birth year one since about 30 seconds ago when I first discovered that was a possibility.
  18. prlgmnr

    NAD: 1977 Marshall JMP Kalifornication [Gower/Zilla Content]

    I'm on the verge of sending my 2203x in.... can't decide whether to go with adding the clean channel as well while it's in or don't bother?
  19. prlgmnr

    King of downpickin?

    I wonder if you could have a go at being King of Not Making New Threads for a bit