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    Drummer looking for prog/djent/metal band online. Serious inquires!!

    I hope yall work something out! As for me, I started out on guitar, and I consider myself a guitarist/vocalist/frontman, but spent a couple years exclusively doing bass, and for the last 4 years, I've been playing drums! My goal has been to get to a state where I can fully track my music ideas...
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    Bass Chain Advise

    I am a guitarist, but I did some heavy bass playing for a couple years. My main rig is a P-bass into a Gallien-Krueger half stack; 1001RB x Neo 410. Single channel. Apart from that, I have a Darkglass preamp to really dial it in. You'd be surprised how far that takes me into just about any...
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    Critique my signal chain(z)

    This is about as technical as I've ever gotten with my signal. Typically, I would run everything through the front unless there's a noticeable tone suck or particularly ugly/distracting buffer. Now I am taking a more refined approach, and I'm trying to learn. Please critique. Happy to share some...
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    EVH 5150 III 50W 6L6 vs EL34!

    Former bandmate of mine is selling his EL34 for 800. If I didn't just buy a Diezel...
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    Drummer looking for prog/djent/metal band online. Serious inquires!!

    What is your favorite Tesseract song? Wow I love all of those bands. Alesis Nitro is a great kit. Did you know Jay Postones was doing 1 on 1 lessons with people a while back?
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    Fishman pickups, why so much hatred now?

    I just saw them again recently and they killed it!
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    Diezel: D-Moll or VH2?

    What do you guys think about for mic selection to record? Vintage 30 and SM57? lol I'm going to have to try "Compensated output". Seriously looking into a Columbus switch. Just super blown away after reading the manual.
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    Diezel: D-Moll or VH2?

    I've not played an Axe FX, but I've played through a Kemper, a Helix, and a couple other things, and also some of my preamps and VSTs, also my Revv G20. All nice products. Nothing touches the real deal. These amps do magical things. I found my love for the Diezel sound personally through a VST...
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    Diezel: D-Moll or VH2?

    Look at the VH2 on Reverb. I almost bought that one. *nudge*
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    Should I upgrade from the Line 6 UX2 to a different sub-$300 interface?

    I have a focusrite and it's a constant pain in the ass with clipping, especially because I don't just do guitar, so I feel like I need a much bigger interface. I do use an analog mixer for almost everything, but with guitar, I now use compensated out or just mic the cab. I don't really like the...
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    Is industrial metal still a thing? Lol

    Does Rammstein count? Zick zick zick zack schneidt es ab!
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    EVH 5150 III 50W 6L6 vs EL34!

    I love them both. What a great comparison. To me there is a huge difference. 6L6 definitely tighter, but the EL34s have a way of really singing when they're cranked. I feel there is a lot you could do with these amps together. The 6L6 in stereo in clean sounds super awesome. Much better than the...
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    First time playing out in nearly two years... who else?

    I haven't played a show since like 2019, but I've done some pretty bad karaoke live lol. I'm working on some music and can't wait to put a band together!
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    Fishman pickups, why so much hatred now?

    What kind of batteries? I've definitely gotten more than 200 hours out of mine
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    NGD - Legator N8FP - My Disappointment is immeasurable -_-

    I have a legator bass. I actually fixed a vintage short scale bass and traded that in for the leg. I love the way it looks, but absolutely hate the way it plays. Seems to be super sensitive to strings dying in an unusual way. Not really interested in modding it.
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    Favorite recorded guitar tones?

    As a Diezel player, I'm a little bummed to hear you say that, and I love Tool and Adam Jones, but he only uses channel 3 on the VH4 it seems like. Everything else is blended with that. I'm not super familiar with his set up, but I'm more a fan of Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor. Also, I'm...
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    Fishman pickups, why so much hatred now?

    I have Fishmans in a Strandberg. They're like so fucking awesome I could write a song about them. I do nothing but sing praises. Been playing guitar for like 18 years, played Strats, Les Pauls, ESPs, all kinds of stuff. The strandberg is the first guitar I've ever played where every single...
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    Diezel: D-Moll or VH2?

    I need to make a new gear post, but the Hagen arrived yesterday. No clue how anyone could hate on these amps. Instant wow factor - all I did was adjust the volume knobs and plugged in, it was already on channel 3 and super brootal man! I've tinkered most on channel 1 so far, but also quite a bit...
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    Why I Miss Nu Metal

    But the pattern repeats, my friend. It's polymorphic.