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    Why did the required input gain levels for my interface suddenly increase?

    Sounds like the kind of issue i'd get with my old cheap focusrite scarletts after some time. What interface are you using?
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    Help deciding

    Used schecter seems like a safer bet.
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    Cerberus Guitars thread

    Every guitar company should be like Abasi guitars instead. I had an Ltd mh-1007 recently and a Kiesel 7 Aries Thinner Neck optioned a few years ago, so this is where my reference is from. The Cerb is slightly beefier than the LTD, moderately beefier than the Kiesel, and flatter than both...
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    An RG7 that isn't black? It's not a "color" but i've got one of these ziricote topped RG's and it's kinda classy imo. But as with any natural wood guitar, the grain can be wildly different...
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    Your reason/justification for owning more guitars? Help!

    I'm not even gonna lie, everyone elses answers had me questioning myself for a few days.... I is simple man
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    Your reason/justification for owning more guitars? Help!

    I like guitars so i buy guitars when i have money.
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    I need some help pricing my Jackson

    I'd probably buy it for around $600. Sans trem.
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    Funny/Bad/Stupid/Cringe-worthy/Confusing brand names

    Legator. I don't know whether i'd call it bad or stupid but it really irritates me. Remove the R!!!
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    Cerberus Guitars thread

    Nice thread ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) They do have an explorer type shape. Not a fan of reverse stocks on explorers myself but otherwise it seems cool. I think its fair to criticize them for not being too different...
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    NGD Cerberus Erebus 7

    Yeah the radius is funnily enough probably the most curious spec here. I'm generally "whatever" about radius but i find it pretty comfy to shred and do bar chords up and down the board. Time will tell if stress is building up in the fretting hand but so far so good. Hope you get a chance to try...
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    NGD Cerberus Erebus 7

    So, pics, from the shop i bought it from since my place has crappy lighting. Drop Dee was a great place to buy from btw. Specs Made in S. Korea Scale Length: 26.5″ Body: Mahogany Top: Quilted Maple Neck: Bolt On Roasted Maple Fretboard: Ebony Frets: 24 Stainless Steel Inlays...
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    What screams "cheap" to you?

    Abalone binding and non matching headstocks are gross. Body binding that doesn't line up with the board / neck...
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    Feeling kinda bad for Suhr...

    Huh, interesting. I honestly haven't kept up with his activities since The Aristocrats' 3rd album. Went to see them live on that tour and that show was the nail in the coffin: I'm not so into fusion virtuoso compositions anymore. And then he joined freaking Steven Wilson (ugh). Not to throw...
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    Feeling kinda bad for Suhr...

    I only feel sorta sorry that they lost Guthrie Govan. They lost some real big dick energy that day... As for the "dunce", who cares. I'm pretty sure he only pops in to comment when he wants to get on a soap box ranting about some nonsense. Even derailed another thread hard enough to get it...
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    Would this bother you?

    Putting aside whether i would even pay 6k for any guitar, i think that at that price it better be absolutely perfect in every regard without exception.
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    Squier Vintage Baritone Tldr a band and then youtubers made it popular
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    Baritone tunings and beyond, standard scale

    I hate store employees who force their opinions in when i didn't ask or pay for it.... 60 for a low C sounds ridiculous. What if you don't like the sound of thick strings? I'd never go to that store again....
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    ngd kitty fender strat

    So i bought a kitty strat a month or 2 ago for $800. I have a kitty tele that i bought last year and when i saw this strat i felt compelled to buy the tele a sibling. I bought both under the same exact situation funnily enough. I was rolling through ebay looking for a 7 string and searched hello...
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    Does anyone use the middle pickup?

    If i could fit all my guitars with a 2 way pickup selector i would. I despise 5 ways!!! That said, i'm getting a 3 single coil strat sometime this week so maybe i'll actually explore a bit more.