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  1. Stijnson

    Best value Jackson soloist?

    I have a MIJ Soloist Archtop I picked up in 2007, it was a Sam Ash special run. Floyd, 81/85, rosewood board and a proper sleeper instrument as many of the MIJ soloists are. If I'm making up Jackson names (since the model name is just Sam Ash special soloist or something) it would be SLA2MG I...
  2. Stijnson

    Adding high end to a kick without making it so stabby

    Hey man I think the balance of the kick is just a little off. The low - to high end balance is not totally correct. I would back of the high boost a little, and maybe try boosting lower down too, say around 1.5 - 3.5k for more of that wet slap, instead of the clickyness you got going on now...
  3. Stijnson

    Erra - Neon (August 10th)

    Never listened to them before but really enjoying Neon. Man, I think that opening riff in Hyperreality is totally cool and groovy, and has awesome low end. I'll agree on the cheesy chorus though! Breach is my favourite so far though. Always cool to find new music!
  4. Stijnson

    How about that Misha Toneforge?

    Sounds pretty good imo, the included pedal emulation and effects are really cool too. What you guys think, anyone pre-order it?
  5. Stijnson

    Are metal mixers just... not as good as other genres?

    Been following this thread since it came up, and I thought I'd stir the pot a little here, by reversing the questioning of it. Is metal mixing just... harder then mixing pop? Bear in mind, I'm not saying it is! Just wondering if there is any truth to it, considering all the aforementioned...
  6. Stijnson

    Looking for mixing

    Hit me up man! I'll gladly do a test mix for you, free of charge of course : ) Check out my soundcloud if you want to hear some stuff I did
  7. Stijnson

    I produced a pop track! (No 7 strings were hurt during it's production)

    It was essentially an exercise from the start yes, but I'd still like to do the exercise properly so to speak, and that means improving on it :) So I will go back to the track soon.
  8. Stijnson

    I produced a pop track! (No 7 strings were hurt during it's production)

    Thanks for the in depth recommendations man! I personally don't have as much insight as you have into what makes a pop song etc. It is as I mentioned a style I don't delve in to often. And the song essentially came about from what felt poppy or trap etc to me. Obviously, it is probably not...
  9. Stijnson

    I produced a pop track! (No 7 strings were hurt during it's production)

    Thanks for the compliment and tips my good sir! My intention was to make a modern pop like production, so I'm glad that came across a little. But I always somehow seem to make something slower/downbeat, and making it better for a singer/songwriter like you said. Maybe the next track I make i'll...
  10. Stijnson

    I produced a pop track! (No 7 strings were hurt during it's production)

    I've been working on my production skills, predominantly outside of the rock and metal world of music I usually delve in. It's really fun and challenging to have a go at stuff like this and I wanted to make it as modern sounding as possible, big reverbs, 808's and trap style hihats! Hope it...
  11. Stijnson

    The WIP Thread

    I know right? The tracks were insane! Unfortunately I didn't have to much time to mix it, did a reasonably simple and quick mix. But no automation at all for example, something the song needs imo. Although I did see someone making the polls without plugins! Which is cool!
  12. Stijnson

    The WIP Thread

    Totally agreed man! Gotta work more on the overall beat I feel, to make it less predictable overall. How did you do this month with Opeth dude?
  13. Stijnson

    The WIP Thread

    I'll join this threads 102nd revival :P Really enjoying your electronic stuff man! Mix wise, in the first one I feel like the snare is slightly loud and gets tiring after a while. And it could overall use some more low end from the kick and bass. But nothing else really stands out! Cool stuff...
  14. Stijnson

    Behemoth Cover! Guitar & Bass

    No problem man! Check out GGD drums for a cheaper alternative to SD, but that sounds equally great!
  15. Stijnson

    Behemoth Cover! Guitar & Bass

    Sounds much fuller now for sure! The section at around 1:43 sounds much heavier now for example. Bass is a tad loud now though. Especially in the sections where it is very easy to hear, as only 1 guitar is playing for example. Maybe use some volume automation to lower it in those parts. Drums...
  16. Stijnson

    Behemoth Cover! Guitar & Bass

    For parallel compression you do want a fast attack and release, yes. But fast really depends on which compressor your using to. But a CLA76, API2500 or like an SSL, even just a stock one will do the trick. The release I have the fastest possible, then the attack fast too, but I still want the...
  17. Stijnson

    Behemoth Cover! Guitar & Bass

    Like I said, it might have sounded negative, but I personally meant it constructive. I do think the cover is played perfectly and overall the tones are there! I had not actually listened to the original, but now that I have it is actually much better produced and mixed than I expected. The...