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  1. InfinityCollision

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    Looks like that synth thing Paul Vo developed a while back. Aside from the head blob I dig the headless acoustic posted earlier. Back sculpting means that should be really comfortable to play, much better position for your right arm, and the soundhole position is very sensible. Looks like it...
  2. InfinityCollision

    New 8-string Headless model from Agile: Aphelion

    I'd rather have that pickup angle than one where the pickups can't get full signal strength on the outer strings :2c: Alternatively they could use wider pickups to ensure full coverage, but I imagine that comes with extra cost and logistics challenges since it may warrant using different pickups...
  3. InfinityCollision

    Who are some modern instrumental Jazz artists?

    Follow the names here to other projects and you'll find a lot more good music.
  4. InfinityCollision

    7 string semi-hollow/hollow body?

    Kiesel has a Holdsworth 7 model now I think.
  5. InfinityCollision

    My white whale: the SR7viiSC!

    You must have snagged this one instantly lol, don't think I even got a message for it. Nice score. Wish they'd make more of these, they so rarely pop up anywhere.
  6. InfinityCollision

    (your opinion needed) Optimum Scale Length for Low F#

    I suspect playing comfort and/or sound of other strings will influence a lot of the votes here, not just the F#1 string's sound. Voted 32"+. Even at 28.625" I don't find myself wanting to go below A1. Think I'd need a very long scale 6 or 7 string baritone to get something I'm happy with at...
  7. InfinityCollision

    Anyone here ever messed with non linear(?) Strings/tuning?

    You're looking for "reentrant tuning". Pretty neat for certain styles, can do some interesting things with chords or two-hand tapped lines. Don't see it as much outside those uses, but depending on your approach and tuning it might spark some interesting ideas for riffs or lead lines.
  8. InfinityCollision

    Petrucci 8 String Possibility? IT DOES EXIST!

    Everything about this seems... very safe. Which is not terribly surprising given that it's a signature 8 built for someone who doesn't really play 8s. But I wonder how many people will take serious interest in it mainly for reasons other than that it's a somewhat novel and limited Majesty model...
  9. InfinityCollision

    7th string as the "chanterelle"

    Manufacturers tend not to divulge their exact specs on strings - composition is a trade secret, maybe the alloy was developed in house, blah blah blah blah blah. A228 steel (piano wire) is a good choice for estimating limits on common plain strings. I don't believe good info is available for...
  10. InfinityCollision

    7th string as the "chanterelle"

    D'Addario NYXL strings hold up well at A4 on standard scales, and are much easier to source than O4P. I use a single NYXL as my A4 string, with standard strings for the rest. Barring that or a shorter (<610mm) treble scale, I would echo the suggestion to tune down to G#4 or G4. That was my...
  11. InfinityCollision

    Envoy Guitars = ViK (Seriously, f*ck this guy.)

    Coming back to another 50-odd posts in this thread seems like decent evidence that bandsawing a 5k guitar is an effective way to draw attention. Good marketing AND catharsis is a pretty nice package all considered, especially since he doesn't seem strapped for cash.
  12. InfinityCollision

    Are guitar string gauges overlooked too?

    Point was more that Stringjoy isn't the only game in town, and that it's worth shopping around. Can't comment on Stringjoy in particular, but I only pay like $1 more for my custom 8 set over a prebuilt set via Stringsbymail. Some smaller companies charge by string either way. If you're getting...
  13. InfinityCollision

    Are guitar string gauges overlooked too?

    There are far too many avenues for purchasing single strings to justify mix and matching sets nowadays. Stringsbymail, Stringjoy, a lot of string companies both large and small sell singles direct...
  14. InfinityCollision

    Envoy Guitars = ViK (Seriously, f*ck this guy.)

    Using the Wangcaster seems fitting here. Bonus points if the balls touch.
  15. InfinityCollision

    You're gonna want to see this

    purple :yum:
  16. InfinityCollision

    Park Avenue leads to...

    Skid Row wrote The Threat and Livin on a Chain Gang, not Seventeen. Sure a couple lines in Creepshow didn't age perfectly, but Skid was never that kind of band in word or action from anything I've heard or seen about them. Might hit up that reunion tour. Got a friend who's looking forward to...
  17. InfinityCollision

    Park Avenue leads to...

    TURN ON THE TV CUZ I GOT NOWHERE TO GO God I wish I could sing half as well as Bach. Easily one of my favorite bands of that era.
  18. InfinityCollision

    Ibanez 2021 models (Headless!)

    I really, really hate that slant. The arm position I'd need to make that work near the nut requires so much more effort to maintain, puts tension on my elbow, and encourages more bend in my wrist. No thanks.
  19. InfinityCollision

    Fishman Fluence midrange honk?

    Cycfi sort of lets you do this with the upcoming XR2. Definitely not a fan of the Moderns and wish the Agile I picked up recently didn't have them. Thankfully pickups are replaceable, but I do wish I had something better in the meantime.
  20. InfinityCollision

    So apparently TOM bridges can literally collapse if you set them up wrong

    Concave bridge radius to tesselate your picking hand :idea:

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