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  1. pink freud

    Game of Thrones

    Most likely unintentional pun is punny.
  2. pink freud

    Game of Thrones

    He said a lot, just not in words. His facial expressions were on point this episode (as ever, really).
  3. pink freud

    Game of Thrones

    They really need to reinforce him being on the throne = a king who cares about the White Walkers more in the show. Thus far the focus has been more on him "deserving" the throne through heredity and what-not, which gives his actions a selfish tinge, especially when mixing the religious...
  4. pink freud

    Game of Thrones

    Amazing what sequencing can do. Imagine had the scenes been switched: Dany performs her Neverending Story reenactment and then we cut to Cooking with Stannis.
  5. pink freud

    Magic the Gathering!

    Nice. I splurged and bought ten packs for $100. Pulled Emrakul, Clique, Iona and Cryptic Command so I definitely made my money back. Already traded the Clique away for a couple of Entombs (one day I'll get that Legacy Reanimator deck built).
  6. pink freud

    Game of Thrones

    I've read the books. The books and the show are too divergent at this point to assume any direct relation between plotlines between the two mediums.
  7. pink freud

    Game of Thrones

    There's really no indication of that. Besides Reek/Theon being in the room that scene was probably on par for any political marriage in medieval times, especially on involving a virgin. Ramsay is a sadist but he isn't an idiot. If he was to do any of that to Sansa it would be after she gave him...
  8. pink freud

    Game of Thrones

    There's a lot of outrage over Sansa's scene but I can't fathom how anybody could have thought it would go any other way. Too many people forcing modern morality onto a medieval setting. Hell, under GoT's universe the "Bedding Ceremony" exists purely to make sure the marriage is consummated...
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    Sure. Originally it was "bugs" but whatevs.
  10. pink freud


    I like having spiders around. I never squish them or anything because having spiders means have less other insects.
  11. pink freud

    Game of Thrones

    To be fair the Sand Snakes in the books are dumb as well. A bunch of bad-ass bitches who have to be put in timeout because the adults actually know what is going on.
  12. pink freud

    I'm addicted to adrenaline

    Not to mention that linearity and relativity aren't mutually exclusive...
  13. pink freud

    I'm addicted to adrenaline

    I kind of envy you. Whenever I go skydiving I don't get any rush at all. It's more like "check it out, Google Maps IRL, lol".
  14. pink freud

    Death penalty

    In an ideal world the death penalty would be fine. We don't live in an ideal world. Hell, we can't even agree on why the death penalty should be implemented. If we as a society can't even decide if the death penalty should be used as vengeance or if it should be used only on people incapable of...
  15. pink freud

    What are you listening to?

    Earth Day - Devin Townsend, as is tradition.
  16. pink freud

    Who's Been Drinkin'?

    Was at a restaurant last night and noticed they had a Single-Malt menu. I figured why not and splurged for a Macallan 18, $17 to try something new right? Well, turns out it's delicious. Delicious enough that I wouldn't mind having a bottle at home. So let's look up the price. $220 a bottle...
  17. pink freud

    Why do we like "dark" things?

    Sadness is more memorable than happiness. Really quickly, name some of the most famous movies or plays you can think of. How many of them are tragedies? How many have conflict? It is no stranger for a happy person to listen to dark music than it is for a happy person to like Macbeth or Lovecraft.
  18. pink freud

    The Car Thread

    Just took a ride in a workmate's new Tesla P85D. Yeah, it's a bit quick. A bit.
  19. pink freud

    And Your First Potential 2016 US Presidential Candidate Is!!!!

    Yep. I kind of wish I could travel into the future and see what the political landscape of the US will be once it is at least three generations removed from anybody who was alive during the Cold War.
  20. pink freud

    The Impossible Challenge Thread

    I'd rather not give view counts to idiots.