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  1. JW Shreds

    My modded Jackson Js32 collection!

    So here is my duo of modded Js32 series Jacksons which in my opinion are some of the greatest sub 300 dollar guitars you can get. The fretwork on them is just great and they make amazing modding platforms. Ther neck profiles are just awesome, nice and thin and smooth and better than the ones...
  2. JW Shreds

    2013 Ltd Ks7 (Bare neck wood porn!)

    This is my first gen KS7 i got back in late 2013. Im a huge Unearth fan and when my local music store got it in, i put it on Layaway straight away. Over the years my taste in necks has changed as im super into bolt ons and natural finishes now so i decided to sand off the neck paint and oil it...
  3. JW Shreds

    2010 RGA8 Justin Lowe Tribute

    Here is my 2010 RGA8 that i have customized as a nod to Justin Lowe of After The Burial, the dude who inspired me to pick up an 8 string in the first place. He was super nice and happy to talk about gear when i met him in 2013 when they were touring with Trivium and Devil Driver. Rest in Peace...
  4. JW Shreds

    My '00 Ibanez RG7420

    So, here is my Rg7420, MIJ in 2000 with Mick thomson blackouts. Totally have the bridge blocked off, and removed the string blocks to make it a top loading ficed bridge. The neck on this thing is just unreal, and from what i gather they used the same neck on the 7620 as this one is stamped that...
  5. JW Shreds

    My RGA121 that always finds it's way back to me

    So a little back story with this guy, i have owned it on and off for about 9 years. Originally, it was violin flat finish with emg 81/85 pickups in it. traded it like a jackass for another guitar, and got it back from the same guy a month later. Then when Justin Lowe passed away my dad and i...
  6. JW Shreds

    NGD Say Hello to "Tommy Vershreddi" (Charvel Content!)

    Man, where to even begin with this thing. I was on the hunt for a Floyd Rose guitar to keep around for fun and decided to give a Charvel a shot since im a huge fan of Jacksons....the quality of this MIM Charvel is EASILY on par with my MIJ Rga121 and MIJ rg7420....seriously. The fretwork is...
  7. JW Shreds

    Deron Miller (ex-CKY) Returns with some nostalgic riffy goodness!

    Man, the riffs in this really take me back to the early-mid 2000's when i was obsessed with Cky and Skateboarding. \m/
  8. JW Shreds

    Sean Price leaves Erra Awful news, but maybe this leaves the door open for Alan Rigdon to return? Dude wrote some of my favorite songs on Impulse and Augment and tbh i feel like their sound changed drastically after he left. Miss those super...
  9. JW Shreds

    Guys with Randall Valve Dynamic experience i need your help!

    So I recently scored one of these Randall Rg100 G3 plus valve dynamic 2x12 combos off craigslist to mainly use as a power amp/cab sort of deal straight into the effects return for my hd500x, sounds absolutely CRUSHING this way with the Pv panama model. But part of me is curious as to how the...
  10. JW Shreds

    Unearth unleash "The Swarm"

    So Unearth released a new song today.....I gotta say im thoroughly impressed. This is some of the fastest stuff they've done since III In The Eyes Of Fire and im hearing some black/death metal influence in some of these riffs too! Anyone else digging it as much as me? :hbang...
  11. JW Shreds

    Problem with ltd ec-1000's emg's. Help please :/

    So recently i've been having a really weird issue with the pickups in my ec-1000vb. they sound super weak for some reason. when i do palm muted chords the note will just randomly die out. i've own many other guitars with the same pickups and have never experienced this problem. Also, sometimes...
  12. JW Shreds

    NGD! (Carvin content!)

    Hey guys, long time lurker for a few years haha :) anyways i just figured i would share this awesome Carvin Dc727 I got as a trade for my Ibanez Iron Label Rgir20fe.....Totally worth it! Ive owned many 7's in the past including the mh-417, viper 407, blackjack c7, agile interceptor pro...
  13. JW Shreds

    Problem with Ltd Ec-401's pickup selector

    Hey guys, I just acquired an ltd ec-401 and have ran into a problem with the pickup selector. When it's in the neck position i get the 60 in the neck, when it's in the middle i get the 81/60 together, and i get them together in the bridge position as well. Im kind of a noob when it comes to...