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  1. Lionsblood79

    When you chip you new guitar..

    Broke my heart to find a chip in my 5 month old Ibanez prestige. Always a sad day the first time you ding it a new guitar
  2. Lionsblood79

    Best 9v batteries??

    I seem to go thru a lot of 9v batteries on my 6 and 7 string guitars. Both guitars have Fishman fluence active pups and I use Energizer Max batteries. I'm wondering if rechargeable is the way to go. I've seen the charger packs, but wonder if they are any good or not. I also saw that there's...
  3. Lionsblood79

    Pickup height adj.

    Turned a few screws, brought my height up on the bridge/neck to about 2.5 mm..big difference (ibanez prestige, ff pups)
  4. Lionsblood79

    Pickup height question

    Was looking at my guitar today and noticed a significant height difference between my bridge and neck pickups. The bridge PU sits about a 1/4 inch higher than the neck PU and is slightly loose, looks like the screws aren't all the way tightened down. I think your supposed to be able to adjust...
  5. Lionsblood79

    Guitars going out of tune

    I have a Inanez prestige R121 tuned down to D and a Jackson 7 string tuned down to G#. It seems like everytime I pick either one up, click on my tuner and check the tunings they are both way sharp. The Ibanez has Gotoh locking tuners and the Jackson has stock tuners, which aren't as nice as the...
  6. Lionsblood79

    Ibanez 5121 Prestige string gauge size for dow ntuning

    I'm wondering what the ideal string gauge sizes would be for down tuning my Ibanez 5121 Prestige to C#. Stock strings seem a but flubby on the bottom two when I've tuned it down. I'm also wondering if i switch to thicker strings, will it affect my ability to tune back up to E standard??
  7. Lionsblood79

    Erik Rutan BC Rich Ironbird 7

    I'm sure no one has this guitar as it is $7300, but on the off chance that someone does, is it worth it??? I'm a HUGE cannibal & Rutan fan but I dont think I would ever pay that much for it personally. I honestly never even knew Rutan played a 7 until I saw that guitar.
  8. Lionsblood79

    Best string gauges/material for Metal on a 7?

    I'm wondering what would be the best set of strings for my 7 for playing metal, all types, kind of a go to set that can cover all my bases. I have Daddario EXL 110-7 set on my guitar now.
  9. Lionsblood79

    When buying individual pickups...?

    When buying individual pickups, do they have to be specifically a bridge or a neck pickup? Or are they interchangeable. Most individually sold pickups I see dont specify whether they are for the bridge or neck. It makes sense to me that the way you wire it would be what determines if its a neck...
  10. Lionsblood79

    Is Drop D this?

    Is drop D on 6 the same as A standard (ADGCFAD) on 7s?
  11. Lionsblood79

    Better to learn on a 6 before 7?

    I've been playing my 7 string guitar for about a year and a half as a complete beginner. I've gotten better over time but I'm starting to wonder if I should be learning on a 6. I find that 95% of the songs i try and learn are written for the 6. I know that I should be able to play any 6 string...
  12. Lionsblood79

    Noise gate for boss kat50?

    Wondering if you can put an actual noise gate pedal in to the front of the amp or the fx loop and use it with tone studio? I'm not a huge fan of the noise suppressor. In general, kinda wondering if you can use pedals in conjunction with tone studio or does it have be "either, or" the only...
  13. Lionsblood79

    Best all around tuner for the money

    I've been using guitartuna to tune and it seems to work ok for B standard but they dont have anything else except Drop A for 7s. I need to get a better all around tuner, but I dont know which one would best, clip on? Pedal? I'd hate to spend too much money on a tuner, so anything over $100 I'm...
  14. Lionsblood79

    Scourge of iron tuning

    So songsterr says Scourge of iron by cannibal is in this tuning G# C# F# B D# g# How would we get that on a 7 string? I'm very new to different tunings, but this is one even I haven't seen or tried before. I dunno even what to call it.
  15. Lionsblood79

    Kat50 speaker upgrade for metal?

    I've been told the weakest link in getting the death metal tone on my kat50 is the speaker. Anyone have an affordable upgrade idea?
  16. Lionsblood79

    Best KAT50 Signal chain for Death Metal Tone

    Finally got to play around with tone studio on my kat50. Curious to know anyones signal chain ideas for a death metal tone.
  17. Lionsblood79

    Need Help getting Boss Katana 50 death metal tone

    I'm having a bit of trouble getting a good death metal tone. I haven't played with the built in effects yet. I've been using a metal core ML2 distortion pedal/noise suppressor pedal/amp on clean signal chain. My tones seem to all sound dogshit
  18. Lionsblood79

    Are locking tuners worth it?

    I am just wondering if upgrading tuners will really make that big a difference in holding a guitar in tune. I have a Jackson js22 7 and Im pretty sure the tuners are Gotoh style. They seem to hold tune ok. Might be slightly off tune each time I pick it up but not too far. Probably wouldn't go as...
  19. Lionsblood79

    Should I upgrade my Jackson JS22?

    I have a Jackson js22 and I've been debating on if it is smarter to upgrade it or just buy a guitar that has everything already on it. Ideally I'd like to put FF Modern pickups(maybe only the bridge) and gear ratio tuners on it at the very least. Still debating if I should put an Evertune...