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    NGD: Jackson USA Broderick Diabolic

    Hi everyone! Sharing my latest NGD acquisition which is my first USA Jackson, and damn, the quality is something else for a guitar with this crazy of a shape. Up until now the nicest guitars I had were restricted to the usual super strat bodies, with my more crazy shape ones being imports with...
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    Help wiring Fishman Fluence Pickup

    Hey Guys! Recently purchased a new set of Tosin Abasi Fishman Fluence pickups to install in a back up guitar I made, and while I generally haven't had issues soldering things and getting them to work - these Fluence ones were a little more tedious. So I have them installed right now and they...
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    Need advice on songwriting

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting I believe since my introduction forever ago. Last two years I have moved out to Los Angeles to focus on my career and have let the guitar playing slip to the backseat unfortunately for that time. I've been lately trying to get back into playing...
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    Greetings from Denver

    What is going on everyone! My name is Mario, I have been playing guitar for the last 10 years. Although the first 6 years were very intensive/consistent playing but the last 4 years have been drowned out due to college + young adult life. I am currently working in a marketing company as a...