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  1. coffeeflush

    Tabletop / Desktop setups without computers ?

    I'm tried of looking at computer screens, have digital overwhelm, thinking of a looper based setup with a modeller and a looper like the Boss RC 202/505 series. Might add a drum sequencer eventually. Just want to jam out, don't care about producing pro grade tracks. Please share your...
  2. coffeeflush

    Help ! Crack and pop noises while recording

    For literally months now, I keep having random crack and pop noises in my recording. With playback this issue is not there, only with recording. Steps I have tried I tried using different computers, since I thought that might be issue. Moved speakers away from the recording interface Moved...
  3. coffeeflush

    Article on Global nature of Metal Music

    My friend wrote this for his company blog Gracenote is a music metadata and recognition algorithms company. I am curious to what thoughts you guys have on this topic, do you agree or disagree ? Have you met metalheads from other countries ? What were...
  4. coffeeflush

    Why do people use low output pickups ?

    Firstly, I have never used low output pickups. Period. I come from a metal background, currently using Dimarzio Evo 2 and breed, both are decently high output. I have seen lot of people who say they prefer low output pickups. Why ? What is the advantage ? I am not looking for a fight...
  5. coffeeflush

    Going back to a Zoom G2nU

    For a long time I was broke and my rig was a zoom G2nU and cheapo esp. I earned from job and earned my way into better guitar, got an interface and switched to a digital (DI+Vsti) rig. The zoom stopped working, I ignored it. Was free and got around to opening it more for fun then anything...
  6. coffeeflush

    Cracking the show - Show for guitar nerds

    So, I found this while browsing through youtube and have been hooked since. Hope its useful for others
  7. coffeeflush

    Quest for tone website

    Quest for Tone so, some member maintained this site and I used it a lot for reference. It contained benchmarks and data on literally anything related to ERG's Now it seems to be down. Does anyone know why ? IS there any way we can port this data to be a part of ...
  8. coffeeflush

    Immersive sound/Future of audio production

    Hey guys, What albums or pieces of music would you consider to be the future of sound production ? Also, other thoughts on the topic 1: Things preventing us from moving to higher number of channels in audio then just stereo 2: Music with better separation of instruments and more realistic...
  9. coffeeflush

    What does a tight guitar sound mean ?

    I hear the word thrown around a lot, I used to think it means playing right on beat, starting and ending the note on cue and have it co ordinated well to a beat. But people use it in lot of contexts. So, what does it really mean ?
  10. coffeeflush

    Anyone tune to Dimished fourths ?

    This tuning Shawn lane used to use it :shred::metal: Any tips on string gauges, chord positions etc Or people who have tuned to this
  11. coffeeflush

    Guitar direct into MIC input

    First of all, I have googled this and I know the proper way is to USE A DI. But I am short on funds and can't seem to locate a decent cheap DIox as of now. I have a stereo guitar and I want to plug in both outputs into a interface, sadly the ones I like have only 1 hi Z input. So , I want...
  12. coffeeflush

    NGD : Fretless baritone content

    So, I have saving/spending for this instrument for a long time, finally its here. The guitar is a bit dusty in the pics as I finished installing the wall hanger for it just before taking the pics. Still shaking in excitement.
  13. coffeeflush

    Carbon Fibre

    Is carbon fibre viable for use as a fingerboard ? Particularly for fretless instruments, can it take abuse from roundwound strings and not get injured like wood does ?
  14. coffeeflush

    Can anyone point me to some minimal music ?

    Not minimal as in Philip glass and Steve Reich, but music with only one or two instruments. Please exclude music with piano/organs and touch style instruments since one can play both rhythm and lead simultaneously. One contemporary example would be
  15. coffeeflush

    Hearing care

    Needless to say you guys know how important ears are for us. I started work on a construction site recently. And needless to say it gets loud. Very loud. I am not allowed to wear earplugs on site (don't ask). The boss takes it as a sign of dis interest in my work. So, today after 2 days of...
  16. coffeeflush

    Super Mario Brothers - Underworld

    Cool interpretation of a tune most of us would know
  17. coffeeflush

    Can't understand what playing in time is

    Hey guys, I have a 2 part problem Part 1 I have been playing for 4-5 years now, mostly self taught. I made the mistake of not working with metronomes when I started playing, now I do have access to metronomes. And I use them in my practice regularly. I understand what time signatures are and...
  18. coffeeflush

    Multi fx vs Pedals WORKFLOW

    First of all let me clear this. This is not a thread about which has better tone. I am a multi fx user and I find myself constantly tweaking tones, to make them smoother, gnarlier etc. Often time I find myself tweaking out things which I should be improving from my playing, like smoother pick...
  19. coffeeflush

    Home made pick clips

    So I got into thumb picks recently mainly to free up fingers for tapping. But the only thumb picks I can get in India are the planet waves thumb picks.:wallbash: I don't like the tip of these and prefer how my jazz III's tip feels, so I decided to make my own pick clip (since Chris Broderick's...
  20. coffeeflush

    Finish options for fretless build

    Greetings fellow members I am in the process of getting a fret less baritone built The basic specs are Mahogany body and neck Tune o matic bridge (string through body) 27 inch scale length neck with steel fingerboard BC rich style headstock H-H configuration, 1 volume knob, 2 tone knobs I...