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    Community Movie!
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    Anderson 7 strings returning

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    New Javier Reyes LTD strat

    Guys! It's finally happening! Javier just posted this LTD version of his ESP custom on Instagram. This ticks a lot of unorthodox 8 string boxes: 22 frets, single coils, not metal looking, and a Floyd Rose! Only disappointed that they're going with a humbucker. Day one purchase.
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    New Haken Single - Nightingale

    This one feels like a grower. Interesting direction with the new keyboard player, has a feel of their earlier material in my opinion. New album coming this year apparently, but no date yet. Sorry, it might be region locked until your local midnight.
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    Futurama Returns!

    Futurama is getting 20 new episodes on Hulu Happy Xmas everybody!
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    Emmett Chapman has died

    Emmett Chapman, musician and inventor of the Chapman Stick, dies at 85 - | All Things Guitar RIP Emmett. His inventions are responsible for some of my favourite music and musicians.
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    Revv G8 Noise Gate

    Revv G8 Pedal | Noise Gate | Revv Amplification Inc Thoughts anybody?
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    FX Edge III-8 strings

    What's the biggest string you've successfully put in the FX Edge III-8? Ibanez has used it on a bunch of guitars over the years (RG2228/A, TAM100, M8M, M80M, FTM33, JCRG8, RGA8) so I figured there's got to be some good experience of the bridges capabilities build up here. I've successfully used...
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    Talk me into/out of some pickups please!

    I got my old RG370 back recently from my cousin learning guitar and got it all cleaned and set up nicely. It has always played really well but the pickups are pretty muddy to me. It's got the original Infinity pickups. This has always been my D standard guitar and that means lots of Death...
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    Looking for a volume/expression pedal

    Does anyone know of a switchable dual mode volume and expression pedal? I know I could use an expression pedal as a volume pedal with various modelers/multi effects, but I'm specifically looking for something that will do both. I see a lot of pedals that have in/out and exp jacks but none that...
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    Wizard Pedals

    Leopard clean boost, Crunch compressor and Gate Keeper gate. $259.95 Sorry for the huge pictures.
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    Robert Fripp - Music For Quiet Moments

    Robert Fripp is releasing a series of Soundscapes every Friday for the next year. Needed this today.
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    New The HAARP Machine music

    Aside from the growls and screaming at the start, this is a bop!
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    Wonderful 101 Remaster

    Platinum made a kickstarter to remaster Wonderful 101 and it's already been massively funded. I don't know if there are any fans of the game here, but it's one of Platinum's best and if you haven't played it before good news, because now it's coming to Switch, PS4 and Steam...
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    Recording lots of channels live

    Recently have been talking with some friends about a jam space, and after an intense tidy that physical space became a reality. For the most part we have enough gear between us to do stereo effected guitars, basses, stick, keys/synth, electric drums, acoustic drums and vocals. The way I see it a...
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    NGD: McDonald's Content

    You guessed it, a Diezel Big MaX! Been after one of these for a while and a good deal popped up on eBay over the weekend that couldn't be missed, so here we are. Single channel, dual input amp. Loads of versatility, spare on features. Low input will get you from super clean to just breaking...
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    NGD: JP-2C

    Finally got a Twosie! Tried one last year and haven't stopped thinking about that tone or how to get one the whole time. I've been chasing Petrucci and Hetfield tones for years. Mesas aren't super popular here because they're so expensive and don't come up used as much as all the European...
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    Blackmachine B6+1

    They're finally making 7 string B6s! Here's the prototype: