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  1. NickLAudio

    Sentimental Cheapo Ibby Gio Re-Finish

    Decided to refinish a bass guitar my cousin had laying in the corner for close to 20 years now. It was the first bass guitar he ever owned as a kid and has since grown up, got married, popped out a kid or two and has moved onto owning quite the collection of 4, 5, 6, and 7 string BTBs...
  2. NickLAudio

    JBL LSR308 Flash Deal at B&H. Hurry lol

    Thought this was a good deal so throwing this out there for anyone in the market looking for some great monitors at a great price... There's about 14 hours left on the deal as of 9:40am 12/28/17 They're usually $249 each but now on sale for $129 each...
  3. NickLAudio

    NGD Agile Intrepid Pro 27"-30" Fanned 7

    Hey guys! Got a new axe finally after selling most of my guitars away. Long over due and I couldn't be happier. This thing is large, gets low, plays fast, and only fits in a bass guitar case haha. The fan has helped me increase minor arpeggio speed but I've lost some major arpeggio speed. Minor...
  4. NickLAudio

    I'm Back! With a Bass Playthrough?

    Well it's been a few years since visiting but I'm back. Life has a crazy way of directing you where to go that's for sure. Locations change, jobs change, responsibilities change. But at the end of the day, we are still musicians, engineers, editors, technicians, etc... just doing...
  5. NickLAudio

    ESP Refinish -First Timer

    After having this guitar for 15yrs, it has seen much better days. Many guitars have come and gone and I've tried to sell it multiple times. So I decided to keep it and have some fun refinishing it. I've never done anything like this before so it was a first for me. I learned a lot and screwed...
  6. NickLAudio

    Frequency Test (ear training)

    This has been out for a while so sorry if it's a repost. Couldn't find it in search... Found a cool free program from Harmon called How To Listen. Evidently, they used to make their techs take this test, and pass, before they were able to work on their products. And since then, it has been...
  7. NickLAudio

    Cousin Colab (mixtest)

    So my cousin plays bass and comes over now and again to jam. We were groovin' on this riff so I decided to hit record. Wrote up some drum midi quick and through in a lead on the spot. Ended up with this short clip. Enjoy and critiques welcome! :hbang...
  8. NickLAudio

    90's Jackson Wiring Help

    Recently I acquired a mid 90's Jackson TH2 Stealth in a trade and I'm digging the wood grain, slim profile, fast neck. Not bad for a 90's Jap guitar i'd say. My friend, out of nowhere, just gave me a Dimarzio D-Sonic and I decided to load it in there. With the old wiring being way over the top...
  9. NickLAudio

    Eli Rises - Send You Away (Critique This Mix!!!)

    So i've been mixing this song for Eli Rises consideration over on the UM forums and would really like some feedback on the tone/mix of things. What do you guys think? Lend me your ears...:hbang: Guitars: Audio Assault Grind...
  10. NickLAudio

    Cupping The Mic Works Wonders!

  11. NickLAudio

    MODS: CAN WE GET A.....

    .....dedicated stickied thread for everyone to post their covers in? Thread after thread of covers get posted, some don't even get replies, some are awesome. It would be cool to have them in one place to find them easier and to tidy up the place with less threads.:hbang:
  12. NickLAudio

    Massey Plugins!

    These gems are awesome and very useful. Demo versions are free and don't run out/don't beep/don't mute shortly. They just disable "bypass" and reset settings every time you open them back up. Which isn't a problem seeing as most of them are 2-3 knobs. Or buy the full versions for full...
  13. NickLAudio

    More Free Plug-Ins!!!

    I don't use VST plug-ins but here are some interesting free ones for the guys that do. Enjoy!:hbang: Download VST
  14. NickLAudio

    PodFarm Mix Test...

    Threw a quick song together to test out how PodFarm sounds in my mixes. Mixed it quick, cymbals are a tad too loud for my taste but I was focusing more on guitars so never mind that. Tell me what you think....tone wise....mix wise....anything is appreciated...
  15. NickLAudio

    Focusrite iTrack Dock Interface For IPad

    Just saw this. Thought this would be cool for you tight budget studio guys and/or iPad users. iTrack Dock | Focusrite .
  16. NickLAudio

    Free Plug-Ins For You And Me...

    Been out for a while now but if you like free plug-ins, this site has tons. All in RTAS, VST, and AU format. Plug-ins & effects - freeware downloads
  17. NickLAudio

    Just Some Sloppy Riffs, Tell Me What You Think

    Just some sloppy riffs... Tell me what you think!
  18. NickLAudio

    Testing My New Iron Label RG

    Decided to lay down some sloppy scratch tracks with my new Ibanez RGIR20FE (6 string) and the trusty Pod 2.0 Nothing is EQed or Comped, nor is the song finished. Just a rough mix to get the idea. Let me know what you think!
  19. NickLAudio

    New To Forums From NY

    Didn't even know these forums existed until "StumbleUpon" brought me here. It was then I realized this site has everything I love.:hbang: So a little about me... I love brutal, melodic, polyrhythmic, progressive, groovy, and in your face metal. I also love long walks on the beach at night...