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  1. SlamLiguez

    Heads, FX Loops and recording.

    Gonna get an Ibanez TBX150, cool little solid state head. It sounds alright but my distortion will come from the Lone Wolf Bullet Belt, but that's not the point. I'm getting a cab too but could I record direct to my interface from the amps effects loop with a mooer radar? (Guitar<Pedals into...
  2. SlamLiguez

    Question about pedal power.

    Building a pedal rig. All my other pedals run at a smooth 9v 200ma. The Mooer Radar runs at a wonky 12v 300ma. I currently have a cioks AC Rider that runs at 9/12 200 ma, then 9/12 800ma. I definitely know not to run at 800ma lol. Because I need to expand the power supply for more pedals down...
  3. SlamLiguez

    Preamp pedals

    I wanna get a preamp pedal, ya know, REAL HARDWARE to record with instead of amp sims. There's LOTS of preamp/distortion pedals out there right now, the Apex, Nemesis, Tightmetal, Revv, what would you personally recommend?
  4. SlamLiguez

    NGD: Ibanez X-Series Falchion

    Long story short, saw it, got it.Early Christmas gift to myself. Gonna throw some Moderns in there before years end. :metalorc:
  5. SlamLiguez

    NGD: Yellow Ibanez content

    After ogling Ibanez X-Series models for the past year, I decided to start an Ibanez collection. So to start, I found a nice used RG450MB, practically brand new but with a cute little chip on the body, basically negligible. The maple fretboard feels super smooth and it plays Iike I Can't Believe...
  6. SlamLiguez

    X-Series Club

    Here's to the short-lived and brutal X-Series. Show em if you got em!
  7. SlamLiguez

    Beginning rig.

    Alright, so I'm planning out my rig and I want a multi-fx unit and cab so I can record material and play live with both. Currently my sights are set on the POD HD500X (the dude from Berried Alive seems to get some solid tones on it) and a Harley Benton or Peavey 2x12. Would you recommend a...
  8. SlamLiguez

    BNGD: Jackson Kelly content

    Initiating my plan to have a collection of Jacksons because Why Not™, this came with a few flaws and frustrations. Had to change the whole bridge because I had to learn that licensed Floyds are pure :taunt::poop:the hard way. Plus the frets are absolutely ugly and the upper ones have some weird...
  9. SlamLiguez

    The Chris Broderick Custom

    Does anyone have any more pictures of this rare beauty? It looks insane, there's supposedly going to be in production according to Instagram but who knows when THAT'LL be
  10. SlamLiguez

    Cheap Floyd Problems.

    A haiku. Wanted a Kelly Floyd Rose caused many problems Now, I want to sell. Dealing with this cheaply made FR has left a bad taste in my mouth. First attempt at a setup, I stripped a locking nut screw. Fine, order some cheapo saddles and wait two weeks. Boom. Watch Deadpool 2, swap saddles...
  11. SlamLiguez

    Short pickup rings.

    So I ordered some knobs and pickup rings from Xentric Guitars, only to find that OBVIOUSLY they're spaced for six strings and I play a seven:wallbash:. Would dividing them in the middle still allow me to adjust the pickups properly? I mean it's certainly a look but I'm not sure what else to do.
  12. SlamLiguez


    As of this moment, whats the general consensus on Legator? :scratch: wondering if I should go with them or Jackson for my ERG/collection needs.
  13. SlamLiguez

    Next right string: Ibanez or Agile?

    I recently purchased an Agile seven string, snd it's pretty great so far. But I'm also in the market for an eight, and I plan on collecting LOTS of guitars of the same brand. So, I've got my eyes on either a Septor 8 or the RG8. With room to get more and collect others, which brand would you...
  14. SlamLiguez

    Looking for a book....

    A few years back I found a metal scales, etc etc book in Guitar Center that looked gnarly, all black with a pentagram on it, similar to the image. Could ANYONE direct me to where I could find it now? I can't seem to!
  15. SlamLiguez

    Agile/Future NGD Dilemma

    I'm pretty much ready to pull the trigger on an Agile guitar. My eyes were set on the Septor, BUT. I saw a used Intrepid 7 at a local guitar center for the same price! Not knowing the scale length or even model (doesn't show on RondoMusic) which do you think I should nab? PLEASE give me your...
  16. SlamLiguez

    Agile/Future NGD Dilemma

  17. SlamLiguez

    Legator or Agile?

    I've been wanting a new guitar for a while, and its pretty much down to an Agile Septor 727 or a Legator Ninja R 100. Being a "brandist", if I get one guitar, I'll eventually plan on upgrading down the line until I have a collection :lol: I'm familiar with Agiles hit or miss QC that has plagued...
  18. SlamLiguez

    Legator or Agile?

  19. SlamLiguez

    Amp sim troubles

    After downloading and running TSE 808, TSE x30, and loading up the impulses with LeCab, I keep getting a horrid screeching sound along with a fuzz when the guitar isn't playing. Ive tried noise gates and messing with the gain/all the knobs and they both aren't very good solutions. Does anyone...
  20. SlamLiguez

    String gauges: Heavy and fast!

    Recently, after a few solid months on contemplation, I've decided to tune from the absurdly low Drop G# using .74, .32, .30, .28, .17 etc, that range(inb4 get a bass noob) to something that requires a set of strings thats a bit slimmer, due to the "technicality" or such of the music. So, my...