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  1. eddyend

    FS EVH 5150 III 2x12 Cab

    Still for sale?
  2. eddyend

    Comedy war metal/bestial black metal-Mega Hate

    HAHAHa nice job sounds legit to me.
  3. eddyend

    My music-project "Phisanthropist" :-) (Progressive Death/Doom Metal)

    To be honest it doesn't sound a lot like progressive metal but it depends what your ears want to hear! Keep it up your doing a good job /m/
  4. eddyend

    Criticism wanted!

    To me it sounds good for an rpg game and don't get me wrong I love rpg games it's all I can say the rest is up to you however you may want to add one touch with bass
  5. eddyend

    Need a new PA

    I actually have the same question my band wants to start buying some equipment for live and practice like pa mostly because we want to connect the drumset we have and make it sound more real with reverb on it. The one your pointing out looks descent and I wouldn't mind investing on that one but...
  6. eddyend

    Noise Gates not working?

    i'm having the same problem i don't know from where its coming from but trying new cables might help and sometimes changing the outlet plug to another position in same room.