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  1. Empryrean

    Triple NGD (kind of) (Kiesel, Schecter, NK)

    The only new one is the NK but I never post NGDs anymore so I figured it might be nice to have one for all three. First: Black limba body 1 piece maple neck richlite fb w/ dot inlays Hipshot countour bridge Beryllium bridge pickup Empyrean neck (i couldnt resist lol) Schecter AR-07 Alder body...
  2. Empryrean

    stupid question: humbucker destruction

    Let’s say I have a humbucker I wanna turn into 2 single coil pickups, would I, in theory, be able to unscrew the coils from the baseplate and wire them as two single coil pickups? I understand they might not sound great but I cannot find anything about this. Also slightly related: could I, in...
  3. Empryrean

    6 string pickup on a 7 string?

    Potentially dumb question ahead: Let's say I was feelin kind of silly and wanted to try a 6 string pickup on one of my 7s. I know pole pieces don't necessarily need to be lined up perfectly to make sound but do you suppose having the pole pieces in between the strings will make enough of a...
  4. Empryrean

    Modular guitar bodies?

    I have seen exactly the same 2 or 3 things if I google search them and haven’t seen what I’m actually curious about. Is there anyone that has a guitar where you can swap in different body types to an existing Steinberger shaped core? for example I notice X shaped guitars have had an awakening...
  5. Empryrean

    So everyone who liked djent, what are y'all listening to now?

    I find myself usually nostalgia chasing and listening to periphery and tesseract and realize that there's a few bands/musicians I listen to now that feels oddly similar. Maybe I just like a certain type of guitar meddlin Not sure what to call it but if anyone can point me to some more thatd be...
  6. Empryrean

    NPD! Lil Fella & Remedy Fuzz

    I don't know the first thing about fuzz pedals but I could not resist trying these out. Li'l Fella is more like a high gain distortion with a Gate feature that lends it the fuzziness, remedy fuzz is moreso the sound I think of when someone says fuzz, it's big and gated and gets near square wave...
  7. Empryrean

    Advice for identifying a guitar pickup?

    Hey guys, I found an old box of parts I had laying around and theres a bunch of 7 string pickups in there with no stamp on the backplates. Any tips on trying to identify them? Any help is appreciated!
  8. Empryrean

    Impulsively bought an FM3, advice needed

    I've never owned a piece of gear worth more than $500 I have no idea what I'm doing. Is it easy to plug in and just go to town or do I need a computer with Axe Fx software to make it work?
  9. Empryrean

    The GAS never ends.. help

    More than ever I have had an abundance of time to pine for things I truly should not be shopping for. What do you guys do to help rationalize your buying/not buying decisions? I am such a sucker for novelty and will want almost anything that is even slightly unique. Anyway here are some things I...
  10. Empryrean

    Anyone own a washburn wg587?

    I've tried hitting the google machine and search bar for the forum and am in need of some help. If anyone here owns one it'd be a great help if you can tell me the neck width at the pocket. MIC and MIK specified would be nice too. thank you all in advance :)
  11. Empryrean

    Eventide BlackHole is on sale again!

    just a little PSA for anyone who is a cheapass like me :lol:
  12. Empryrean

    Neck Shape and Comfort

    I've been starting to play my 7 a lot more again and I guess im coming to the point in my life where I'm not as flexible anymore, my wrist gets hot and starts to be difficult to play and eventually hurts and I have to just stop. I never have this issue with my sixes or the 8 I built. Just my...
  13. Empryrean

    How does the Axe Fx ultra hold up against todays modeling market?

    Hey all, im curious about some nice modeling solutions at my desk and for ease of plug and playability. How does the original afx ultra hold up in todays modeling market? Looking at the Helix stomp and maybe even the LT im seeing plenty of used Afx ultras hanging out between the price of a Helix...
  14. Empryrean

    Multiscale pickup placement and it's effect on tone

    I've been toying with the idea of picking up a multiscale erg but have noticed either that bridge pups are unevenly spaced from the fretboard OR have enormous routes that only fit EMGs. My question is: what effect does this have on tone? If any at all Here's an example. This guitar has the...
  15. Empryrean

    Approaches to filling grain?

    I may be in the minoriy here in saying this but i think wood grain should be filled to some extent before finishing. What are some techniques you guys know of? I have an ash topped guitar im looking to refinish eventually and the way lacquer has lined the inside pores of the grain just screams...
  16. Empryrean

    FS PRS SE Custom 22 Semi Hollow +Dimarzio Titans

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Prs SE Custom 22 Semi Hollow guitar. Have had this bad boy for a few years now and am getting back into 7 strings so this one's gonna be the first to go. It's been pretty much babied all it's life with the exception of a pea-sized dent behind the...
  17. Empryrean

    NAD! Yamaha Thr10C

    YAMAHA THR10C by Empryrean posted May 6, 2019 at 10:54 AM I've mostly been playing with VSTS lately but being able to plug and play is something I didn't realize I valued so much. Haven't had a real amp in so long, sure is nice!
  18. Empryrean

    Ormsby or Kiesel?

    I thought I'd outgrown wanting to play and mess with extended range instruments a while ago and only just recently got some dmarzio Titans for my prs se and had the itch to tune it down.. then I had the itch to pull my old 8 string out (which isn't in the greatest shape but that's another...
  19. Empryrean

    Ngd! Chinese hollowbody time

    I haven't really been active in quite a while, and I happen to spot this on the internet which has literally no useful information about it so here she is! A Devlin Dv-500
  20. Empryrean

    Fs:LTD ex307, ibby rg32(I think)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar:I'm letting go of both my guitars since I don't play them anymore. The ex has a chip which I'll show in the photos later, the Rg is a little faded from age. But they both play and are functional. Strings might be a bit old but that's about the worse...