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  1. PBGas

    NGD: PRS Private Stock Custom 24 Brazilian(pic heavy)

    Holy crap! That is killer! Love spalted maple. What a score! Well done!
  2. PBGas

    NGD: PRS Wood Library Custom 24 Floyd

    That is a stunning guitar in every way! So many congrats! PRS Floyd custom 24s are beautiful and play great. I had a couple of them last year and really enjoyed them.
  3. PBGas

    NGD! On paper the worst guitar for me. In reality, grin-inducing. JP15

    That is a beautiful guitar! Love the figuring on the neck! Much congrats!
  4. PBGas

    Diezel Herbert Mk III

    Beast of an amp! I had a version 1 and loved it. Make sure you bring a small dolly to cart it around!
  5. PBGas

    Positive Grid Summer Sale

    Probably because there are quite a few other better sounding solutions out there. These guys will not be getting another $ from me. The app was riddled with bugs. At one point they had 20 different products in the market and the updates were lousy and ill timed. I simply gave up on the...
  6. PBGas

    Mesa vertical 2x12 slant

    Had a couple of these over the years. Really nice cabs! With the JP-2C head they work great!
  7. PBGas

    New J Custom - Weird dip in neck shape?

    J Customs are expensive when purchased new and I’ve have a bunch of them over the past many years they have been out. That being said, I’ve had a few that were a bit odd in places. It’s wood. Sometimes they get it right and sometimes they don’t. If it isn’t then send it back, no matter how...
  8. PBGas

    New Amp Day - Maybe Ends Searching Amps... just pause 2 contemplate

    Great amp! I had one last summer and really liked it!
  9. PBGas

    EVH 2x12 vs 4X12 for Stealth

    A 4x12 will always sound better. The only 212 that I really have had great results with is the Bogner 212CB. Fantastic cabinet!
  10. PBGas

    Dimarzio Pandemonium

    I like the eq setup on these. Wish they came in the regular spacing for the neck.
  11. PBGas

    Need some opinions on multi-effects.

    Honestly, a Boss MS-3 and call it a day! Sounds fantastic and if you are playing live, no one is going to be able to tell the difference. The FX on it are great and work nicely in 4CM.
  12. PBGas

    If you had to choose between these 2x12 cabs...

    Mesa for sure! Great cabs! If I had more choice though, Bogner 212CB or my current Friedman BE-212.
  13. PBGas

    Favourite Fretboards?

    Love any kind of roasted maple neck and fretboard.
  14. PBGas

    Should I be concerned?

    Doesn’t look bad at all! Enjoy! Great guitars!
  15. PBGas

    The Beginning to your Musical journey

    As a kid growing up, I used to listen to all of the “records”.....yes.....those black spinning discs that my parents and sister had. I wore many of them out. Yes, I’m old and proud of it! LOL! Some very early convoluted mess of: ABBA, some Disco thrown in, The Eagles, Styx, Cheap Trick...
  16. PBGas

    NGD: Something slightly different for me

    That is just an amazing gift! Great friend to have! Many congrats...beautiful neck and great looking guitar!
  17. PBGas

    Spent all afternoon polishing [Ken Lawrence content]...

    Truely a beautiful instrument! Well done!
  18. PBGas

    NGD: Guitar Center Deal!

    Many congrats! What a beautiful guitar and a great, great deal! If I was ever to venture back to getting an EBMM, this is the one model I would get!
  19. PBGas

    Tremol-no for Majesty 7 String

    I had a couple of these in my Charvel Govan’s. Took them both out within days. Very nicely built piece of gear, however I just found them annoying at best. I do understand how they are to be used but it was not what I was looking for. I ended up putting a couple of ESP arming adjusters in...
  20. PBGas

    Ben Savage with a PRS

    7 string PRS with a Floyd? Sign me up! What a beauty!

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