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  1. works0fheart

    Smash Bros!

    Anyone here play it? I've been playing these games on and off since N64 and always liked them a decent amount. A few years ago my co-workers and I got a Switch that we just leave at work and we play during our lunch break or throughout the day when we have nothing else to do (your tax dollars...
  2. works0fheart

    Albums with bad guitar tone that actually fit the music well.

    Obviously now days a lot of us tend to be tone snobs and run after the same tight, precise, and articulate tone. Very fair, I like that type of stuff myself. The problem with that is a lot of bands tend to blur together because of it and it's hard to sound unique when everyone has a pretty...
  3. works0fheart

    Community for guitar technique/theory?

    Welp, the title somes it up. While shitposting and finding more nonsense to spend my money is fine and all, I need a change of scenery to learn stuff. Trying to find a good forum to pick people's brains about this type of thing as the theory/technique section is a bit dead here. I'm sure some...
  4. works0fheart

    Cali Death Podcast!

    Been watching these dudes every week for a while now and their interviews are usually pretty good. Never heard anyone here mention them but I sure as shit know that a lot of you love Necrophagist. Give this a listen, Christian gives a pretty detailed overview of him joining the band and...
  5. works0fheart

    Chunking and grouping: Breaking down runs efficiently.

    PART 1 I thought this might be helpful to some people since it has been immensely helpful to me. Now, I'm sure most people here might be used to breaking down riffs, leads, and so on into some type of group when learning music. It just makes sense to do it this way since not many people can...
  6. works0fheart

    The picking technique thread

    Alright guys, I'm going to start this off by at least letting you know there's pick-slanting discussion going into this, so I'm sorry in advance. There may be something in here that I noticed with my lessons that someone in here hasn't yet though and maybe it'll be helpful. So recently I sat...
  7. works0fheart

    Deathspell Omega - The Long Defeat

    This just came out the other day. It's shaping up to be about par for the course for DSO, which is to say, amazing. What do you guys think? Anyone out there give it a listen yet?
  8. works0fheart

    Defeated Sanity, The Sanguinary Impetus Tour

    Alright guys, I'm going to start this by apologizing because this might be a long post, and yes, I'm aware I tend to do that. So, quick question: To what level has a concert you've seen blown your mind? Let me preface this by saying I've seen a lot of bands live. Like a lot. I used to go to...
  9. works0fheart

    Sophia Tremolo's?

    Anyone try these? They look pretty neat and have a decent range of configuration options. Idk if I want one but I'm definitely interested in giving them a try and seeing how they compare to a Floyd or the Strandberg tremolo.
  10. works0fheart

    NGD (Jackson Concept Series RR24MG), my collection, and my messy office.

    Long post incoming. Alright guys, so I've had this guitar for about 2 or 3 weeks now but I wanted to get a bit more playtime on it before posting anything detailed on it. Since then I've tried dialing in a few presets for it and taken it to band practice a few times, and just in general...
  11. works0fheart

    Hey guys, quick question

    So I'm about to buy a piece of gear and just have a few questions since a lot of people here seem to go through gear pretty quickly this seems a good place to ask. So yeah, what do you guys think? Would you buy it?
  12. works0fheart

    Inflation in gear prices

    So for years I've wanted a Marshall Valvestate since they're used on some of my favorite albums. They're traditionally a pretty cheap amp and usually pretty easy to find as well. I've gone into pawn shops and seen them going for ~$200 easily throughout the years, and despite their cheap price...
  13. works0fheart

    What is your go to way to find musicians to jam with?

    Can't believe this is even a question I have to ask, but in 2021 it's actually pretty challenging. I just moved out to the Pac NW a few months ago and I'm ready to find some people to bounce ideas off of and maybe see what happens, but every avenue I've tried for finding musicians has been...
  14. works0fheart

    First Fragment - Gloire Eternelle

    Surprised I haven't seen any mention of this album lately. It's easily one of the coolest albums I've heard in a while. If you call yourself a guitar nerd and haven't gave this a spin yet you're missing out. That said, I feel obligated to say that Phil Tougas is the man and his playing on...
  15. works0fheart

    Jackson RR24MG

    Anyone else notice this? Don't know when it was released and haven't seen much advertisement around it whatsoever, but seriously debating on picking one up. Debating on picking up either this or an EII Alexi, but I'm a little putoff that for their price points neither feature ss frets...
  16. works0fheart

    New Archspire anyone?

    Surprised no one is talking about this. This album is pretty damned good. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who's into the whole tech death thing. It's going to be a hard album to top for sure.
  17. works0fheart

    PacNW musicians, you out there?

    Looking to jam with some people. I'm new to the area (Portland, but moving up to Seattle-ish in a few months). If you've seen my posts over in general you probably know I'm into tech-death and prog, but in case you haven't, I'm into tech-death and prog. So far I've had no luck finding anyone...
  18. works0fheart

    Why we love the music we love

    Give me your rant about why you really love certain music in a way that would open my mind to potentially seeing the same things. Example. The riffing in this is so punchy and precise sounding. The solo is also super buttery/smooth and is very memorable. If I had to name a best solo within the...
  19. works0fheart

    Anyone here into Prog?

    I'm talking old prog mostly, but modern stuff is great too. I just love the mash-up of instruments outside of guitar, bass, and drums. Been diving down the rabbit hole of bands from the 60's and 70's that have been somewhat swept under the rug and found some stuff I really love. I've heard the...

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