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  1. sirbuh

    How did Judas Priest manage to sound so heavy in 1977?

    esp that last bit kicking them over the top
  2. sirbuh

    New Julian Lage - View With a Room

    JL has great fret board vision. One day he will roll back on the mids a bit.
  3. sirbuh

    Fender lets go 300 employees

    this is my understanding of the situation they got a little too bullish on their covid numbers and market has started to correct
  4. sirbuh

    Dimebag and Dean are done - lawsuit follows

    thinking about this a bit more, tx is a common law state which unless dime went out of his way to exclude her she could claim the estate
  5. sirbuh

    If one band was to reunite, who would YOU choose?

    Morbid Angel, but really just as an excuse to get them touring again.
  6. sirbuh

    The best 5150 ever made!

    I had two el34 versions go bonkers on me. Sweewater techs couldnt figure out nor two local techs.
  7. sirbuh

    Way of the Gearwhore

    caught that too..thought the thread might be about the esp
  8. sirbuh

    PRS MT15 vs v1 EVH 5150 III 50 Watt

    evh master volume is amazing for bedroom jamming...just great amps
  9. sirbuh

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    Caught Atheist a few weeks ago, one of the guitarist had a banshee.
  10. sirbuh

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    I prefer the kemper. Matched well against my Marshalls. Would recommend getting a powered one or buy a power amp pedal to go into a cab.
  11. sirbuh

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Have had everyone but the QC, jump in the waters fine.
  12. sirbuh

    Are You Influenced by Influencers?

    Human bias being what it is, it would seem nearly impossible not to be influenced to some degree. Gear demos generally fail for me since 99% have zero reference to calibrate against. While a good song/technique video will at least get me interested in the gear being used.
  13. sirbuh

    What are you listening to?

    caught these guys live a bit ago, sick album -
  14. sirbuh

    What's YOUR favorite metalguitar tone?

    Trey's tone in FFF
  15. sirbuh

    Boss HM2/Clone Chainsaw Megathread

    To keep this thread going added another Throne Torcher to the collection. Anything new out in the HM2 space or in the near term?
  16. sirbuh

    I always figured he would be a tool, kinda like Yngwei

    Agreed with all the positive MAB comments + crappy tone. Elder shred statesman that just wants to tell stories and shred it up. Well worth catching live.
  17. sirbuh

    The Deftones are breaking my heart...

    after reading the replies in this thread, whats the attraction of the band? Adrenaline had some good riffs and what I heard after just didn't grab me.
  18. sirbuh

    The Deftones are breaking my heart...

    now that the thread is officially in tangent land - bought tickets to see gojira, that so happened to have deftones as the closing act. bailed into the first song deftones song, goijra killed it.
  19. sirbuh

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    really digging the covert ops 25.6 scale length

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