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  1. Christopher Beattie

    Extreme Progressive Metal

    Thanks man really appreciate it, I absolutely love those bands! I definitely need to work on getting leads to cut through dense layers so I appreciate the feedback there.
  2. Christopher Beattie

    Extreme Progressive Metal

    Hey guys! I put a song out for a new progressive/technical metal project recently. I recorded, mixed and mastered it myself and still have A LOT to learn so I'd love some feedback on the mix here. Thanks!
  3. Christopher Beattie

    Fortin Nameless Suite and Darkglass Ultra Demo

    Seriously! I was pretty shocked with the price when I found out, it's like too good to be true. I haven't had a chance to try the pedal but I don't doubt it, it sounds pretty incredible even with my kinda cheap bass lol.
  4. Christopher Beattie

    Fortin Nameless Suite and Darkglass Ultra Demo

    I got both of these plugins somewhat recently and threw them on some older recordings of mine. I'm pretty stoked with the result, the Fortin plugin sounds gnarly.
  5. Christopher Beattie

    New Here

    Wow thank you so much, thanks for checking it out!
  6. Christopher Beattie

    Meshuggah - "I" Drum cover...

    You and Sam killed it on this one man!
  7. Christopher Beattie

    Mix advice

    And this is mainly in regards to the china hits at around 1:20 and one.
  8. Christopher Beattie

    Mix advice

    Hey everyone, I just posted a new song I've been working on and noticed the cymbals sound a bit strange after uploading the track to soundcloud. It sounds fine in Reaper and when I play it back on my computer so I assume it has something to do with compression when converting the file? Anyone...
  9. Christopher Beattie

    Terminal Function Thread

    Damn super tasty, that's a beautiful JEM too.
  10. Christopher Beattie

    Terminal Function Thread

    Super sick, the solo was awesome, is Mikael using the breath controller on this one? I'm stoked to hear the rest!
  11. Christopher Beattie

    The Official 'Post Your Youtube Vids' Thread (Post your covers here)

    Decided to cover this classic not too long ago
  12. Christopher Beattie

    Lend me your ears please.. (ffo Tool, Choir, Tesseract)

    These songs are really cool man, the riffs and melodies are super solid. One thing I noticed was the leveling seems a little off. I felt the guitars and drums seemed a bit quiet and were getting buried underneath the vocals and synths/backing at times. I also think you're right about the...
  13. Christopher Beattie

    New Here

    Hey guys I'm pretty new the site so I figured I'd do this thing. I'm 21 and have been playing guitar and writing music for about 11 years now. I'm into pretty much everything metal, as well as progressive rock, post rock and some experimental hip hop. Some of my favorite bands are BTBAM...
  14. Christopher Beattie

    How often do you make subtle tempo changes of a part doesn’t feel quite right?

    2 bpm is like night and day for me for some riffs haha
  15. Christopher Beattie

    The WIP Thread

  16. Christopher Beattie

    Prog Rock/Metal Mix Feedback Wanted!

    Wow thanks! I was going for a Tool vibe on this one so you're spot on haha
  17. Christopher Beattie

    Prog Rock/Metal Mix Feedback Wanted!

    Hey guys, I wanted to get some feedback on the mix for one of my songs. It's a bit more mellow than what I usually write but this is pretty much where I am with production. I used Jason Richardson's Toneforge for the guitars, Superior Drummer 2 with Metal Machine and Metal Foundry for the...
  18. Christopher Beattie

    EP I just released, featuring Lepou amp sims and GGD drums

    Dude this is super sick those grooves are dangerous.
  19. Christopher Beattie

    Atmospheric black metal song. Feedback appreciated!

    Sounds great man! The mix has a nice balance of harshness and clarity and the riffs are really nice. If I were you I would drench that snare in reverb haha.

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