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    Poll about Aristides tuning stability

    I've probably made more "is this neck wood bad for stability" threads than anyone else on these forums in the past 15 years.. and I got ragged on for it many times. Point is, I've owned 4 Aristides now and even when I lived next to the Atlantic Ocean, I barely had to ever adjust them. I've...
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    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Totally agree that 98% of them were out of towners, but that emboldened the idiots living here that they wern't the minority.. not to mention every weekend, these covidiots come from other towns specifically to downtown Ottawa (Wellington St) to protest imaginary "mandates" just to have a reason...
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    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    I mean, I would have agreed with you whole heartedly until this February's occupation, and I live in downtown Ottawa... the amount of USA/Trump flags I've seen that month.. and the fact that if you wore a mask outside, you get verbally harassed or worse - its disappointing. Overall, downtown is...
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    Aristides Guitars

    I think its important to remember that although Aristides guitars may not be for everyone, and definitely have their own distinct "tone".. their customer service is unbeatable. I went with another "semi-custom shop" awhile back which is a well known brand (not Kiesel lol) and it was amazing how...
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    Canadian Politics

    Can't wait to move out of Ontario... this province is basically like living in the US. It's such a difference from the Maritimes =[
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    Covid 19/Coronavirus

    It sure seems like the pandemic is "over" to the minds of people around north america, but more and more people are getting it. From the start of this thing until January this year, I didnt know any friends or family who got it, maybe 1 or 2 somewhat acquantances.. but since January, ive known...
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    Covid 19/Coronavirus

    man.. how do people like Russel Brand still exist on youtube?
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    NGD: Rose Gold Arium

    This is probably my favorite solid color for Aristides... wish my Deep Sky Blue one was in this color instead (thought about refinishing it but dont know how much hassle it'd be to strip paint on one of these guitars..)
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    Elon Musk is on a roll

    I mean... MAGA fans can deny Elon Musk is all onboard with their talking points when he said he bought twitter for "free speech" - but you CANT deny Elon isn't 100% a trumper after this tweet (yes, I know its fake).. He basically is combining two of the Trumps favorite things in the world in...
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    Finalising Specs on my Custom Balaguer, Opinions Welcome!

    Sorry man, I dont really post here that much these days.. but I do plan on making a video about it in the next two months (been planning it since I received it last year, but I'm a slacker haha) - I'll try to post a thread in this forum when I do, and it'll be linked in the Balaguer Facebook...
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    Finalising Specs on my Custom Balaguer, Opinions Welcome!

    I have a Balaguer Hyperion 7 with Evertune actually.. my biggest mistake with specs when ordering was not going for the lightest possible swamp ash body - Its a really heavy guitar with Roasted ash. Think about that cause its a pretty massive guitar. Overall though, its a good guitar, I dont...
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    Kiesel polarity, illusionist, beryllium experience?

    I only played a bud's Beryllium loaded HH2 for 10 mins, but I really liked how it sounded. Seemed like they took the Lithium bridge, thickened it up a bit and got rid of that weird mid hump and tamed some of the brightness. I'm awaiting a used one to show up to try it in one of my own guitars...
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    My Kiesel HH2 build - Am I wrong to be a little bit disappointed?

    oddly enough, I've become really into Telecasters since 2020. Like, I had zero interest in them while I was younger, thought they felt and looked stupid, but now I almost want exclusively teles for my 6 strings (between an Aristides T/0 and a warmoth build). I used to love the pointys/RG...
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    My Kiesel HH2 build - Am I wrong to be a little bit disappointed?

    People need to realize even if you think a guitar is your "perfect" guitar right now, your tastes will 100% change. I ordered an insane Aristides in 2019, with my absolute fav finish at the time, Arctic sunset sparkle, and while the guitar is a beast, my tastes have changed. I realized while the...
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    My Kiesel HH2 build - Am I wrong to be a little bit disappointed?

    I think its the big issue with ordering any guitar with a figured top, you never know what you are gonna get. Sometimes though, when you are not happy with a guitar's aesthetics, it helps to just forget about the annoyance and just keep playing it (i like the idea of listing it on reverb at what...
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    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    I assumed it was Rob_L too.. being a frequenter of the bbs before the company name change. Hope he's doing well.
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    George Floyd...

    It is frustrating.. In most militaries around the world who are reasonable about gun use, one of the biggest deterrent is the PRESENCE of a rifle. It is often the first point in a defense "use of force" checklist.. Seeing a checkpoint guarded by 2 people with rifles? Probably dont want to mess...
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    How do you afford guitars from custom shops and high end instruments?

    Obvious it's one of those things in life where you will always probably want one until you get it, but I agree that theres not a drastic difference from a mid level ~$1000 guitar with a crazy custom. You may get better quality control, or special options that lower cost ones dont (like...
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    How do you afford guitars from custom shops and high end instruments?

    Yea, that's something I wish I thought more about when I was still in my mid 20s.. I was so fixated on just being "debt free" above all else, I missed out on some opportunities that I should have taken, like buying a house before the market became insane. I could afford the payments, and my...