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  1. george galatis

    Hey it's my birthday and i'm sad!

    yeah i'm turning 21! wish me something good guys....honestly i really need it! first of all last week a broke up with my girl cause of my shit mistake, my total gear needs service ASP and the best part; :wallbash: sadly I am SICK into my bed after the work and no one friend of mine wish to...
  2. george galatis

    be our guitarist

    i found that link -> BE OUR GUITARIST - VIATROPHY - R.I.P. LAST EVER TOUR IN APRIL's MySpace Blog | in here: VIATROPHY - R.I.P. LAST EVER TOUR IN APRIL on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads so they looking for a new guitarist to start playing again. i hope there is...
  3. george galatis

    Greek you've got talent - weird piano playing

    all right this is ridiculous :lol: these two guys play the piano with their di..s (not)
  4. george galatis

    How to make 200 euros from 2 pounds (video)

    i hope that helps you guys! :fawk:
  5. george galatis

    New ibanez UV77RE 20th anniversary...basswood?

    Ibanez :: Electric Guitars :: UV77RE SPECS Neck Material: 5pc Maple/ Bubinga Neck Type: UV77RE Limited Body: Basswood body Frets: Large frets Fingerboard: Rosewood Inlay: Disappearing Pyramid inlay Bridge: Lo-Pro Edge 7 bridge NeckPU: DiMarzio® Blaze™ II Neck MiddlePU: DiMarzio®...
  6. george galatis

    Before you buy a CARVIN (please take a look)

    (i don't know if you know that) I was taking a look at carvins site to quote a price untill i notice a filthy trap... the first: Base Model Options Quantity Price DC727 Right Handed 1 $799.00 FK - Bookmatched Flamed Koa Top $300.00 NKOA - Koa Neck & Body $240.00 -CG - Clear Gloss...
  7. george galatis

    Boss MT-2 or ML-2 ??

    untill today the most popular distortion MT-2 used from many guitar players as a classic metalish distortion. Is the ML-2 enough powerful to make as forget the MT-2? does it work with the 7th?? :shred:
  8. george galatis

    Are you happy with your job as a professional musician?

    Hey guys! I'm a student from cyprus, i study jazz-music performance at the university of nicosia (University of Nicosia - Cyprus - Home) and i need your help to finish my research paper untill that monday (14/10/09) The question is: Are you happy with your job as a professional musician...