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    Richlite For Fretboards: Opinions? Experience?

    Forum search wasn't doing me any favors, so I thought I'd plop this question here... Have any of you worked with Richlite for fretboards (or owned a guitar with a Richlite fretboard)? Thoughts? Experiences? Opinions? I was chatting with a local luthier yesterday about my next mod project, and...
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    My First 8-String. Power Chords Sound Awful

    I've played 7-string guitars for many years now, but recently found a mint Ibanez RG2228 for a price I couldn't ignore. So, it's my first 8-string. It was stock, so it had EMG 808's in it, and I think the strings were 10 - 74. Standard tuning. First thing I noticed: overdirven power chords...
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    Dino Cazares Leaves Ibanez for Ormsby??

    So, this just came across my Instagram feed. Did everyone already know about this, and I'm just a noob who's totally out of the loop?
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    Need advice: sell a (project) guitar assembled or as unassembled parts?

    Okay, this is an odd one, so I thought I'd throw it out there for opinions... I have a 2006 Ibanez RG1527 that's currently disassembled, because I was planning to strip and repaint the body and headstock. As part of that project, I ordered all brand-new parts. So the tremolo, locking nut...
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    Recommend an Audio Production PC

    It's time to replace my 7-year-old, self-built, AMD-based gaming PC with something built specifically for audio-production (I no longer play games). Normally, I'd build a system myself, but I lack the time to do so and also don't really understand what needs to go into a system spec'd and...
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    Aftermarket Case for Ibanez RG2228?

    I got a sweet deal on a used Ibanez RG2228 recently. It's my first 8-string. It came with the standard faux gator-skin Ibanez hard case. It's quite big, and heavy-ish. Before I go searching for ABS cases and foam to build my own, I wanted to ping the community to see if maybe there were...
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    Quick Question About Fishman Pickups

    There's a used 8-string I'm interested in buying that's a double-bonus because one of the previous owners installed Fishman Fluence pups (which I've been wanting). However, the owner doesn't know exactly which model they are (Abasi, Modern, etc). Is the model # printed under the pup as it often...
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    Show Me Your Powder-Coated Trems

    I have an Ibanez mod project in mind, and for it I would like to strip an Edge Pro 7's cosmo finish and have it powder coated with Cerakote, or a similar ultra-durable powder coating. I haven't decided which color yet, but I know it'll be a matte metallic color (e.g. nickel, gold, bronze, etc)...
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    Ernie Ball Prodigy Guitar Picks - ACTUAL Photos

    I was pretty excited when I saw the new Ernie Ball Prodigy picks announced at NAMM. Wow! Those suckers look SHARP! Exactly the kind of uber-sharp guitar pick I've been searching for. At $10 for a 6-pack, they're expensive, but not nearly as expensive as some of the sharp-tipped boutique picks...
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    FS DiMarzio Fusion Edge 7 Set, White, Brand New

    Description: Brand new, barely used DiMarzio Fusion Edge pickups (neck and bridge sold together) that were removed only 2 weeks after receiving my Ibanez RGD3127. The pickups are basically in mint condition--in exactly the same shape as they arrived. That said, when I removed them I discovered...
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    What the #&@! is this metallic ringing sound!?

    I'm at my wits-end here folks. When I received my new, amazing, gorgeous Ibanez RGD3127 a few months ago, I noticed an odd metallic ringing sound whenever chugging, palm-muted, on the open low B string. That's the ONLY time it happens: when playing the low B, open, with palm mutes. No other...
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    FS DiMarzio Ionizer 7 Neck (White) - NEW UNOPENED

    Description: Brand new, unused, unopened DiMarzio Ionizer 7 neck pickup in white with chrome pole pieces. The labels/seals aren't broken. I bought this on ebay new from "banjomikez" for $96.99... then later changed my mind on pickup color, so this will never get used. It's gotta go...
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    FS DiMarzio Illuminator 7 Bridge (White) - NEW UNOPENED

    Description: Brand new, unused, unopened DiMarzio Illuminator 7 Bridge pickup in white with chrome pole pieces. The labels/seals aren't broken. I bought this on ebay new from "banjomikez" for $107... then later changed my mind on pickup color, so this will never get used. It's gotta go...
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    My Custom DiMarzios Arrived!

    A little backstory first: I've been nagging DiMarzio for a couple years now... asking if they'll make me a one-off set of 7-string DiMarzios with the chrome tops. More specifically, I wanted chrome tops on an Illuminator 7 bridge and Ionizer 7 neck. They've always written back to me saying...
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    Caption This (Fred Brum and Tosin Abasi chatting)

    Snapped this at NAMM today. What do you think Fred was saying? Caption it!
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    Behold: Chrome Whammy Bar for an Ibanez Lo Pro

    Okay, this is a pretty small thing, but thought I'd post it anyway. I've always been annoyed that Ibanez whammy bars come in only 1 color: black. I like chrome hardware on my white guitars and, dammit, I want my whammy bar to match. The more chrome, the better, I say. So, I took some Auto Sol...
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    7/8 String Guitar Clinic Coming to Mesa, AZ This Month

    Mods, hopefully this doesn't violate any forum rules. If so, just delete it and give me the smackdown (not... like... "banned" smackdown, please) For the SSO people who live here in Phoenix, AZ, I wanted to let you know about a 7/8 string guitar clinic I'm co-sponsoring. We're bringing Jan...
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    Can you really "stretch" guitar strings?

    I'm launching an investigation, and wanted to start by just getting everyone's thoughts and opinions on the topic. Once I've talked to a bazillion people, including any string manufacturers who'll give me the time, I'm going to write a blog post on this topic: It's common knowledge that you...
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    NDG - Ibanez RGD3127 Pron

    After much waiting (I pre-ordered months ago), this sucker finally arrived. I don't hate the Fusion Edge pickups... definitely better than their "V" pickups. However, I've already got replacements lined-up, so they'll be coming out soon. Onto the pron...
  20. Webmaestro

    I'm Going to NAMM!

    Finally, after a lifetime of just hoping/wishing/dreaming, I've managed to get a guest invite to NAMM in January. A question for those of you who've gone before: Since I'm driving to Anaheim, I was thinking of taking my guitar with me. Or, is that just dorky? Obviously, there will be plenty of...

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