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  1. Cheesebuiscut

    Chris Broderick Pick Clip available to purchase!

    *bump* Hey guys long time no see, so I just bought one of these and got it the other day and was having mixed (mostly negative) feelings about jazz 3s being too small and it messing up my "technique". I decided to check here and see if people had snatched these up and their opinions and it...
  2. Cheesebuiscut

    The Number Twelve Looks Like You

    My friend worships the ground they walk on, we went to their last show since they're from around here. I could never really get into them myself, it really is a bit too spastic and noisey for me.
  3. Cheesebuiscut

    What has blown you away recently?

    Pretty powerful song.
  4. Cheesebuiscut

    The LMFAO Megathread

    I pretty much watch any of those in the same regard as the lonely island stuff. Its funny when you watch it with the music video, and then when you hear it again its funny in that it reminds you of the shenanigans in the music video. Its comedy, just think you could be getting subjected...
  5. Cheesebuiscut

    The Tesseract Megathread: Sonder Released

    They should steal the vocalist from this band cause this was fucking awesome.
  6. Cheesebuiscut

    Any news on elixirs anti-rust?

    I figured as much, ty for keeping us up to date ^^ Luckily my elixir strings from the middle of last year are still holding up well.
  7. Cheesebuiscut

    Any news on elixirs anti-rust?

    I have been, but things leak out other ways before sites are updated sometimes. For instance a discussion at namm... or something...
  8. Cheesebuiscut

    Any news on elixirs anti-rust?

    There were threads on here from before like: the one I made myself asking about it, though at the time I was still using anti-rust old packs I already had and was like *why are...
  9. Cheesebuiscut

    Any news on elixirs anti-rust?

    Its funny because of how long ago this happened and you guys are just raging about it now xD. For people (not myself) who bought original elixirs and then they came out with the anti-rust strings it'd probably be hella noticeable when that decal popped right back off. I noticed right away in...
  10. Cheesebuiscut

    Any news on elixirs anti-rust?

    The coated daddario strings pretty much feel / sound like uncoated daddario strings. They aren't AS good at preventing rust on the high strings as elixirs are, but its still wayyyy better than regular ole plain strings. Its really the only acceptable alternative to me from elixirs as I can't...
  11. Cheesebuiscut

    Any news on elixirs anti-rust?

    Yeah most stores don't even carry heavier strings so I might have to switch up to a higher tuning than C# maybe even standard and try to find me some packs. Or just switch to daddario coated again at a higher tuning since those work fairly well.
  12. Cheesebuiscut

    Any news on elixirs anti-rust?

    SoOoOoO I guess that's a no... there's still no news about it...
  13. Cheesebuiscut

    Any news on elixirs anti-rust?

    Welcome to the reason I've had the same strings on my guitar for almost a year now.
  14. Cheesebuiscut

    Blue Steel Strings?

    A ton of the guys on this forum use jazz 3's, and elixir nanoweb strings. I've had nothing but bad experiences with blue steels myself the once or twice I tried them. Elixirs on the other hand... I've had the same set on my guitar for whats gotta be 9 months now? The only problem with...
  15. Cheesebuiscut

    Any news on elixirs anti-rust?

    I'd rather the plain strings be anti-rust and the low strings not coated too as the low strings tend to take much longer to rust up for some reason. Its really a bitch for me as I want to swap strings but there's no sense in it atm. I'm pretty much gonna have to buy a full pack of coated...
  16. Cheesebuiscut

    Any news on elixirs anti-rust?

    Original plain steel strings available soon They haven't been producing anti-rust strings for quite some time, unless your stores have been stocked / backlogged with antirust packages you'll notice all the new ones coming in no longer have the little anti-rust decal on the package and as you...
  17. Cheesebuiscut

    Any news on elixirs anti-rust?

    Haven't seen anything on their site for a while, being hopelessly optimistic. I've had the current set on my guitar for a while and the alternatives are eh... Wondering if they got their anti-rust strings back yet or if its even on the horizon.
  18. Cheesebuiscut

    The Veil Of Maya Superultramegathread!

    The tone in this latest album is just fucking yes. There's certain spots where its just SO aggressive and SO tight that I'm all *want. now.*
  19. Cheesebuiscut

    Gravy and Pig Benis leave Mushroomhead

    I'm having a retarded moment, can someone explain the mushroomhead euphemism for me xD