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  1. Gabial

    Patient #9

    What are some takes from everyone on Ozzy and the stadium performance. Ithoughthe kicked ass!!! But I worry that there was a lot of smoking mirrors when it came to his health. I really hope he is doing as good as he looks. never seen him this strong. that low end in the song was off the charts...
  2. Gabial

    delay for solo's

    is there a "go to setting for the tone and delay for 80's style solo's. i'm thinking Dokken, Cindarella, Damn Yankee's?
  3. Gabial


    Anyone purchase a guitar kit lately, and if so, what was your experience?
  4. Gabial

    Rectifier ywang?

    I don't knpw if amyone can relate, but when using a recifier amp, I always notice a highgain twang that I just can't dismiss. Is there a way to get the heavey without the hissing noixe. I have a noise gate but I want a setting ith mini9mal effect on the dynamics. I only use passive pick=ups...
  5. Gabial

    Chaoseum brings back the guitar solo!!!!!

    It was so good to see Chaoseums new single My Wonderland. Such a treat!!!!! a total package of solid metal. everything is there, especially a guitar solo at the right spot... Perfection.
  6. Gabial

    Four Cable fx method?

    Can someone please explain the 4 cabl method, or it's equivalent. I am using my newly purchased Peavey Supreme head with a fourxfour cab. Can't seem to get it right.
  7. Gabial

    435 Htz tunning>

    is there a noticable difference in the dynamics and harmonics with a 435 tunning? seems Dime and EVH used them for some of thier guitar work.
  8. Gabial

    Amp volume at lowest setting?

    What is the best solution to adjusting the volume to have the full punch but at a low level. Presently running guitar- boss G1- amp, 4x4. Using pedal for vol. Control, but when amp is set at 2, it wants to fade a few decimals and then bounce back or just faded in and out. Only having the...
  9. Gabial

    16, 8, or 4 0hms.

    if you are using a 4x4 cab with a 100 watt amp. which setting is best on the amp-cab if you are playing at low volume, but still want the dynamic range and hear all thenuances of like your string touching your pinky and such. I am working with a new peavey head (100) watt and a 4x4 but I dont...
  10. Gabial

    A very fine deal indeed!!!

    I found this in our local pawn shop. Peavey head and Ibanez 4x4. I know the family that owns the store do I asked what the story was. Apparently a band had been traveling the circuit of up and coming bands and had pawned these. They couldn't sell them here in this area of Montana. So I said to...
  11. Gabial

    Old guitar lesson on a 45 record.

    I've heard of some earlier guitar vids on VHS, but I found one on a 45!!!! Can't wait to check this out.
  12. Gabial

    A Les Paul 45 record!!!

    I was blessed with a box of old 45's. One of them is a recording of Les Paul and Mary Ford. Just too cool!!!
  13. Gabial

    can scales be subjective?

    Hey, this has been an on-going battle for me. Scales as they are written vs scales that I may or may not just make up because they have the tonal range I am seeking. I have had years of training in music theory and classiacal piano and cello. So when I began my guitar journey, I have been...
  14. Gabial

    Just Amps

    Hey again, I've been watching videos of gear and this guy from Morbid Angel was doing demos of just the amp without ny help. this got me wondering, I want to get a good metal amp. I have a Marshall JCM 800. was thinking about a Randall. but when watching the demos, It occured to me something...
  15. Gabial

    Boss GT... How often do you ise thr Master CNTL for tone? does it help?

    I was wondering how many people use the Master CNTL on the Bos GT for tone, and does it effect it that much?
  16. Gabial

    Boss GT Master CNTL. How much use in tone.

    I was wondering how much can I use my Master control for actual tone and freg. maybe pull down thr "fry"???? ( high end frizz)
  17. Gabial

    Megadeath Megatruth?

    I have spent the last few weeks watching docs and video clips, interviews, and a lot of time listening to their music as compared to Matallica. I have loved Matallica for a very long time it seems, bt after listening to Dave Mustaine speak, and remembering some of the thoughts I had when...
  18. Gabial

    RR Jackson

    Just ordered my first rrhoads, this morning. Any suggestion?, helpful hints.
  19. Gabial

    The moment you begin to refer to yourself as a Guitarist?

    I grew up listening to Bands, paying special attention to the guitarist. All the while going to Conservatory in Europe, learning to play Classical piano and Cello. Finally I bought a guitar and and amp and began to apply all that lnowledge to my dream, to be a full blown neo-classical guitarist...
  20. Gabial

    long sustain

    I was just watchimg a video of Jeff Loomis promoting his new signature Jackson, and I noticed his beautiful sustain and the clarity. would a certain setting on my delay help with that. by the way, I'm getting tht guitar this summer.