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  1. DXL

    Alcest - Kodama

    Surprised no one posted this yet. I was in love with the singles but still have to listen to the full album, very excited though Alcest is amazing (including Shelter lol)
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    Recommend Me : Swing Jazz

    Highly recommend Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. They're part of the swing-revival movement in the 90s. These guys, Diablo Swing Orchestra, are usually labeled as Jazz Metal except it's really just Swing Music with some electric guitars. They're very good. And for a classic Other classic...
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    Post Rock/Metal

    Red Sparowes and If These Trees Can Talk both do a really good job at combining happy and aggressive
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    They had some black metal parts here and there, like the intro to April Ethereal and some parts of In the Mist She Was Standing, still wouldn't consider them black metal though.
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    The mix makes the song painful to listen to, like I imagine it's a good song, but I just can't tell with the way the mix is.
  6. DXL

    Bands that got better over time

    I usually see Intrinsic regarded as the worst but this thread so far is supporting my opinion of them.
  7. DXL

    Bands that got better over time

    Nah Ocean Machine and Accelerated Evolution are his best works in my opinion, if anything his work in DTP has been kind of disappointing to me aside from Deconstruction.
  8. DXL

    Bands that got better over time

    For me it's just because when I listen to deathcore I'm not into complex rhythms, and when I listen to djent I prefer it to be more spacey and proggy. So Exoplanet is really just nothing i would like haha
  9. DXL

    Bands that got better over time

    The soft moments on Intrinsic were amazing, especially the middle of Feedback Loop leading up to the marimba section. But yeah Exoplanet was terrible imo and Language was awesome.
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    Bands that got better over time

    Also for my list: Between the Buried and Me Anathema Scale the Summit Behemoth Machine Head Spawn of Possession Death Angel
  11. DXL

    Bands that got better over time

    That's funny because ISIS did say that they felt their whole career led up to this album, that this was the end goal of their sound, however I still think Panopticon and In the Absence of Truth were their best works.
  12. DXL

    What is the Biggest Modern Rock Band?

    I still feel like the top 40s is saturated with alternative hip hop/R&B though (21 Pilots, new Bieber, Drake, etc.) so I guess I'd call that the popular music.
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    How to record music?

    Not so relevant to the discussion but OP I love your DHMIS theme you got going on
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    What is the Biggest Modern Rock Band?

    By modern rock I mean post-90s (or at least got big in the 90s). I'm torn between RHCP and Green Day but I feel like there's still no way that they're the biggest. Is there anyone that I'm forgetting or that is a lot bigger than they seem?
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    I Need Music Recommendations

  16. DXL

    Plini appreciation.

    This one was done by Alex Pryle, I don't know about the rest though.
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    New Dark Tranquillity album announced: Atoms 11/04/16

    That artwork is so freaking cool
  18. DXL

    Bands That Sound Like Tool

    If you're a Tool fan like me and are tired of waiting for a new album, here are some bands I ran across a while ago that I feel do a good job at filling the void. If you guys know anyone else feel free to post them!
  19. DXL

    New Albums/Music Suggestions

    My favorite album of all time is Pelagial by The Ocean, very sludgy and very atmospheric, and the whole album sounds like progressively getting deeper into the ocean and feeling the pressure and darkness settling in
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    Where to post music for free?

    So now setting my black metal to 144p isn't doing anything anymore?