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  1. Cheesebuiscut

    Any news on elixirs anti-rust?

    Haven't seen anything on their site for a while, being hopelessly optimistic. I've had the current set on my guitar for a while and the alternatives are eh... Wondering if they got their anti-rust strings back yet or if its even on the horizon.
  2. Cheesebuiscut

    How to make learning fun!?

    So a little while back I decided its up and time to take lessons and learn all the things I didn't by self teaching. So when I went to my teacher he had no idea how to teach me, he hadn't encountered someone who could play intermediate stuff but didn't know his basics. So he was trying to...
  3. Cheesebuiscut

    Whats the most you would pay for

    Someone to route new mounting screw holes for you / wire a single pickup on a single push pull pot with series / parallel.
  4. Cheesebuiscut

    Rattling pickups?

    So I'm fixing up my friends guitar, one of the issues hes having is that whenever the kick drum or bass player does something boomy he gets "white noise" through his guitar. I have it now and I noticed when there's anything low etc like strumming the low open E theres a vibrating noise coming...
  5. Cheesebuiscut

    Is it normal to use acoustic strings on a hollow body?

    Just got my friends hollow body hes been having some noise issues through the amp. Noticed the strings are yellow (phosphor bronze?) and I was wondering if that was common or not out of the ordinary on a hollow body electric.
  6. Cheesebuiscut

    How would you guys recommend routing screw holes?

    So I got a Q-tuner for my pendulum a little while back knowing the mounting holes are in the corners where the active that was in there was in the center. SO it needs new screw holes, which I'm debating doing myself. I just haven't figured out a way to do the measurements right for the holes...
  7. Cheesebuiscut

    4 conductors?

    When you have any 4 conductor pickup is it as simple as 2 hots 2 grounds? I'm curious what the wires actually are as I only ever get the color scheme etc when looking it up.
  8. Cheesebuiscut

    New phone (help)

    So I've had the same phone for something like 10~ or so years now and just yesterday I got a tmobile optimus T I just put a bunch of music on it as its probably going to get used more for that then as a phone, but for some reason it re-arranged the song order in the albums and I cannot figure...
  9. Cheesebuiscut

    Elixirs becoming less rust resistant?

    So I have horrible acid sweat and am pretty much forced to use coated strings if I don't want to change strings every few hours / day. I never so much as had this problem at all with elixirs, I could leave them on there for 6 months and the worst they would get is a little dull sounding. My...
  10. Cheesebuiscut

    Helping friend with guitar issue

    So my friends having an issue with his epiphone hollowbody. He says that every time the bass or drums plays anything in the room he gets a loud distorted crack through the amp on clean with that guitar. I haven't been in the room yet to see whats actually going on to describe it better than...
  11. Cheesebuiscut

    Good soy sauce?

    So since this chinese place opened up a mile from my house I've been eating there a lot and use WAY more soy sauce then they give and I don't feel like asking them for a separate bag for the stuff. So I bought some random one at the store but it tastes NOTHING like the stuff you get from the...
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    So I used to live in brooklyn and get these for a quarter at the corner store constantly when I was little but I'd never once seen them in jersey around where I am. Went into the supermarket today and saw these 6 for a dollar and haven't been that excited in I dunno how long. People were...
  13. Cheesebuiscut

    Need some advice (wall of text ahead)

    Need your guys advice I've been working this crappy retail job averaging about 16 hours a week at 8.50$. And I've been barely managing to afford going to school by saving as much of that as possible between and during semesters for the last 4. I finally finished my music theory courses...
  14. Cheesebuiscut

    Individual string bridges / saddles

    So I have my pendulum and I'm thinking of replacing the saddles with some graph tech string savers for no good reason. I'm curious if any of you guys think it'd be worth replacing the bridge plates too or not, also I'm at some point getting a passive pickup for it and am gonna have to figure out...
  15. Cheesebuiscut

    7 string walking bass stuff?

    Wanted to learn to do some of this when I finally picked up a 7, the guy I was taking lessons from had no clue. So anyone know some good stuff to get the ball rolling?
  16. Cheesebuiscut

    Well then.

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    5-Second Films · Metal Detector
  18. Cheesebuiscut

    How to figure out what lvl I'm at and what I *should* be learning?

    TL : DR Intermediate~ish player who learned from tabs lacks direction. How to get back on track? So I took a long unintentional hiatus from playing after only a few years of serious playing and started gear nerding instead. And while that was all fun its not done anything for my playing and...
  19. Cheesebuiscut

    Fun nooby songs/licks?

    So I just inherited a bass and I'm having some fun noodling around on it but I rly don't know any bass stuff. So far I've learned schism(tool), hyper music and hysteria(muse) which are lots of fun. Anyone know any other simple songs / licks that a guitarist can wrap his head around that...