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  1. ILuvPillows

    Beyonce, Super Bowl performance

    I realise that many of you may not be interested in anything that doesn't contain at least one example of a diminished scale, with this in mind think wisely as to whether you wish to enter this thread. On to business. Having just watched Beyonce's performance at the Super Bowl, I am...
  2. ILuvPillows

    45 Minute University Performance (recommendations needed)

    Hey Fellas I have to start preparing for my final guitar performance in my University. During my first year I played the following;Steve Vai- Tender Surrender;Neil Zaza-I'm Aright; John Petrucci- Glasgow Kiss; John Butler- Ocean. However, for this performance I need to step it up a little...
  3. ILuvPillows

    I AM I (ex dragonforce singer's new band)

    Despite the name, i've really gotten into this band lately. ZP's singing is still (IMO) absolutely fantastic and even though i'm a big DF fan, I have to admit that this new band seems to give more room for ZP to dominate.
  4. ILuvPillows

    For all of you without heads...

    I wasn't 100% where to put this thread but I think this should be okay. Hipshot have just released their 6 string headless tuners, figured that this would be useful for any of you planning future headless (probably Strandberg...) builds. 6 String Guitar Headless System > Store > Hipshot...
  5. ILuvPillows

    Alphonse Mucha Appreciation

    I havent seen many artist appreciation threads in this forum and I feel that this is what is severely lacking. Sure, we all love to see your new band logo and your paintings but let's give it up for the special people who really made something of their expression. As of right now (thanks to my...
  6. ILuvPillows

    Fleetwood Mac Appreciation Thread

    It just occurred to me that we are in sore need of a Fleetwood mac thread. So, without further delay I bring you 'The Fleetwood Mac Appreciation Thread'. Discuss all things Fleetwood Mac from their self titled debut, Rumours, live albums and beyond!
  7. ILuvPillows

    NGD: Made in England content

    Specs and talk can wait, ON WITH THE PICS! For those who don't know, this is a Patrick Eggle Berlin Plus HT(hardtail), made in 1995 (good decade for Eggles). I don't see much of them on this forum for some reason. Specs as followed; Body- Brazilian Mahogany with thick Maple top Neck-...
  8. ILuvPillows

    /FT Ibanez Iceman-400

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Ibanez Iceman-400,made in 2007 .Discontinued model. Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): Ibanez form fitted hardcase Location (City,State or City,Country): Leicestershire, England Contact Info (No Phone #s)...
  9. ILuvPillows

    Is it possible to run a guitar through a synth system?

    Hi guys, i'm looking at an E-Mu Vintage Pro rackmount system at the moment with growing interest. Unfortunately i am completely ignorant of general synth hookups and connection possibilities. So this brings me to my question; would it be possible to run a guitar through this Rackmount synth...
  10. ILuvPillows

    Awesome ebay ibanez

    Just thought that since there doesn't seem to be a 6 string based ebay thread (please redirect me if i'm wrong) and due to the fact that i am unable to aquire this guitar i figured i should inform you guys about it Ibanez 1991 Radius (two humbucker model) for $550 1991 Ibanez Radius 540r hh...