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  1. danresn

    Need info about this Warwick.

    Warwick have all the details if you're still interested online. Congrats though, I have a couple of the German Corvettes and they are fantastic.
  2. danresn

    Can I run a Bass through a guitar amp?

    On using a bass through a Marshall tube amp, the original marshall circuits were souped up Fender Bassmans (It's funny now that we have souped up Marshalls). It won't change how it actually sounds but it's an interesting little fact.
  3. danresn

    Recommend me some good compressor/limiting plugs.

    I love the Fabfilter limiter
  4. danresn

    Can I run a Bass through a guitar amp?

    This is from Celestion's Youtube page. If someone cleverer than me wants to embed the link that would be swell.
  5. danresn

    Vintage dje -dj… the D word?

    Wampler, AMT or Mesa Boogie and Bogner all do really well respected distortion pedals. The Eleven Rack does have a Mark series model in it, it's been prescooped but if you use the graphic EQ you can sort that out pretty quick.
  6. danresn

    Wampler Pedals Customer Service

    This makes me want to pull the trigger on their Latitude Tremolo. It's good hearing about reasonable sized companies with great customer service.
  7. danresn

    Downsizing my rigg?

    You don't need an interface to run the Axe fx or Kemper into monitors.
  8. danresn

    100 watt into 1x12

    I'm not looking at selling my cab unless it's for a 2x12, I am looking for a 1x12 to leave at home and to leave my 4x12. I want the small cab to save space, my head currently lives on top of my bass amp and cab as I play bass in my band.
  9. danresn

    100 watt into 1x12

    Thanks, I did a couple searches but I guess I'm not good looking for keywords. I'm not considering getting the volume pot any louder than 2-3 so that shouldn't be an issue. I also have no idea about pulling the power tubes, I hadn't even considered it. I'll have to investigate. Thanks guys
  10. danresn

    100 watt into 1x12

    Hey guys, a while ago I bought a Marshall JVM410H (100 watt) and scored as an add on a 1960A cab. I was looking for a great deal but I got both for $1300 (Head $1100 and cab $200), at my local store in Australia the same combo is $4100 brand new so I had to take the deal. Anyway the cab is quite...
  11. danresn

    Interested in jazz - where to begin?

    I came here to share that song. Snarky Puppy are fantastic and it's always good to hear different styles of a new genre, they definitely have a modern sound.
  12. danresn

    White superstrats with maple fretboards

    It may be worth waiting for a second hand DK2M, I have one and would never sell it
  13. danresn

    New Hardcore/metalcore track I produced

    There are definitely a bunch of mastering issues in regards to clipping and ducking going on. The mix is really solid though
  14. danresn

    John Browne (Monuments) Tones Available for *PRE-ORDER*!

    If someone is willing to buy his tones for $50 then I have no problem with him selling them for $50. They aren't worth that to me though
  15. danresn

    Marshall Debate/War!

    JVM will get you there really quickly. It's not death metal by any means but Sylosis's Edge of the Earth was recorded using orange mode of channel 3 on a JVM. Sounds pretty aggressive to me.
  16. danresn

    Can you please critique my guitar tone?

    It's tight and aggressive but I think it's lacking a little bit of low end. I know you are going for super clear but I do think it's lack just a little bit of lower mids.
  17. danresn

    1997 warwick corvette 6, should I?

    If you want the Warwick sound there is only really one way to get that Warwick sounds. I have a four string 1997 Warwick and it is my favourite bass of all time
  18. danresn

    New Rings of Saturn

    I can't believe how accurately this describes the song
  19. danresn

    Post Rock Thread

    This Will Destroy You is still my favourite post rock band.
  20. danresn

    NGD - EBMM Albert Lee! *Diego Blue Content*

    That guitar is both one of the ugliest and best looking guitars I have ever seen. Congrats