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  1. danresn

    100 watt into 1x12

    Hey guys, a while ago I bought a Marshall JVM410H (100 watt) and scored as an add on a 1960A cab. I was looking for a great deal but I got both for $1300 (Head $1100 and cab $200), at my local store in Australia the same combo is $4100 brand new so I had to take the deal. Anyway the cab is quite...
  2. danresn

    Terror Gig worthy

    I'm looking at getting a fairly simply amplifier to use both with a band playing mostly distorted and to use for pub cover gigs. I was thinking of getting a Jim Root terror which is 15 watts but I was wondering if it would be loud enough. I know Rob Chapman uses a Dark Terror but I want to hear...
  3. danresn

    Alto speaker size question

    I play both guitar and bass using my eleven rack as the preamp. I'm looking for a powered FRFR, everyone recommends Altos so I would thought I would get one of them. I play both guitar and bass pretty evenly so what speaker size would you suggest? 10, 12 or 15. I've heard that 10 is the best for...
  4. danresn


    I was just wondering about in my local music store (They are great about just letting people hang around and jam) and I saw this guitar had been marked down $1000. I've been looking at it for a long time but it was always outside of my student budget, but now it was different. Its a Cort...
  5. danresn

    Cheap Power Monitors

    Hi guys, so I pretty much solely use the eleven rack for all of my playing. At home I use them through Fostex monitors but I'm looking to play live soonish and I don't have a solution. Currently I own an amp but I want to sell that because I live at home with my family now and can't crank it and...
  6. danresn

    Bass tone

    I just want some feedback on the bass tone here. Its only a cheap ashton bass that I got for a hundred dollars, eleven rack and a couple things of sans amp but I think it sounds alright. So whats it missing? Is it too fizzy? Those kind of things, and by the way I know the mix is poor, I just...
  7. danresn


    I got a new pedal just yesterday and I've managed to have a little play around with it. Its the Electro Harmonix Germanium 4 Big Muff. Firstly the overdrive side is fairly clean, but it adds a lot of character to the sound, especially when used to just push the amp to breaking up but keeping the...
  8. danresn

    Guess the drum program

    I've put a little something together for you guys, and I was wondering if anyone is actually able to guess what programs or sample pack I used for these. And always, if you have any critiques please do share them :) And be harsh, so I can actually improve :hbang: Drums Test by Dan Larsen...
  9. danresn

    Song Review

    So guys I wasn't really too sure where to put this, so fingers crossed I got it in the right spot. Anyway I entered a competition put on by our government radio station in Australia, triple J which is a great station but they play almost exclusively "indie". My project is a one man instrumental...
  10. danresn

    Mix/Composition Critique

    Hi guys, so I wrote a song called journey and it turned out it was a little long, 14 minutes in fact :hbang:. Anyway I just got actual monitors (Fostex 5s) for the first time so this is my first mix on them, the recording was already done on old computer speakers... yeah, dark days. So I split...
  11. danresn

    Power Amp and Cab or Flat Response Monitor

    So what are your views on monitors v cabs. I play Bass and Guitar and use an eleven rack with both. I will be looking to place both live so I was wondering if it would be worth just getting a monitor so it could be used with both guitar and bass or would it be worth buying a separate cab for...
  12. danresn

    Power Amp Question

    So basically I was just wondering if is there a guitar or bass power amp. I have only ever seen the term power amp, no prefix anyway. So is there a separate guitar and bass power amp and if so would it hurt a guitar one to run a bass through it.
  13. danresn

    Samson Resolv A8s and A6s

    So basically these are on sale at a store near me and I was just wondering how are they for their price. Its not a massive sale but still they seem alright and with an 8 inch cone it might mean good low end. There are also A6s as well. Anyways, anyone have experience?
  14. danresn

    NGD in progress, almost

    Hi guys, so I've started this thread a little prematurely perhaps, but I am currently having a custom guitar built for my and although I haven't got it yet :no please: I have got some pictures of it so far :shred: Anyway its an 8 String, of course, from Etherial Guitars in Australia. Should be...
  15. danresn

    Anyone feel like critiquing?

    So guys I was procrastinating school work and I wanted to work on my drums for a little bit. I was just wondering of what you guys think of how they sound and also how well the bass sits, my monitoring system is a little... um unflattering. Thanks I'm Feeling The Heavies by Dan Larsen on...