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    Brand new song, mix critiques welcome

    Hey folks! Decided to take some time this past weekend to work on a new song. It's definitely in the nu-metal domain but I'm happy to accept critiques and suggestions from anyone regarding the mix, songwriting, etc. Here is the song: Falling Apart Enjoy :-)
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    Alt-Rock Mix Test

    Hey folks, just been spending some time mixing down a track and decided it was time to get some outside opinions on the mix and what it may or may not be needing. The song itself is a sort of alt-rock ballad type of track. Almost a Staind meets Incubus type of deal. A little different from what...
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    Building The Laptop Rig

    TLDR: This is just me documenting my journey transitioning from a tube based rig to a laptop based rig. In other words, I'm going through all the screw ups so others won't have to. So to begin, I first need to emphasize that I am already the owner of a couple of nice tube rigs. One being a...
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    Engl E530 vs Mercuriall U530 Tone Test

    Hey folks! Just decided to buy the U530 from Mercuriall and while playing around with it... I decided to do a head to head comparison with my actual Engl E530 preamp. While this was posted as a versus title, this is really all in good fun and not meant to turn into a digital versus tube pissing...
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    Amplitube Mesa/Fender Tone Test

    Hey folks, haven't touched anything music related for awhile and thought I'd give Amplitube's Mesa and Fender amp sims a try again since it had been ages since I touched amp sim plugins. For distortion, of course I tried the Mesa Triple Rectifier sim which required a lot of EQ work but I was...
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    Mix Critique Time - A Perfect Circle meets Deftones song

    Hey folks, just spent some time recording and mixing a new song. Now I'm at that tired point where I can no longer trust my ears and have to step away for a bit. So I'm hoping some of you folks here can help spot any trouble areas that are going on that I may be missing. Here goes nothing...
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    First recording with TC G-Major 2. Heavy influence from A Perfect Circle

    Back again, worked on a new song shortly after I had gotten my G-Major 2 and this was the result. Of course, as per usual lately, the amp sounds are from my Engl E530. Here goes nothing... UPDATE: Still no vocals as I'm still pretty badly sick. However...
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    Another Nu-Metal Mix Test

    Re-recorded an old song I had put together years ago and wanted to get some thoughts on the overall mix. If anything, hope you folks enjoy it.
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    Writing nu-metal while pissed.

    Had a rough few days and decided to rewrite an old song of mine to make it... well... angrier. Here is the result. I realize the mix is far from perfect.
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    TC Electronics G Major vs G Major 2 vs Digitech GSP1101

    Hi folks, I'm back again to pester you all into convincing me what the best gear move would be for me. I'm trying to decide what is the best move for me in terms of a rack effects unit. To restate the obvious from the title, I'm looking at the following... 1. TC Electronics G Major or G Major...
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    Carvin TS100 Thoughts

    Hey folks, I'm currently putting together a rig for live play. Recently got a new Engl E530 that I'm using in recording and I absolutely love it. However for live I'm looking for a good all tube power amp to use in conjunction with my Engl. The price range I'm looking to spend is about $500-$700...
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    Ambient/Post Rock Influenced Track

    Still waiting around on my new Engl to come in and decided to do some touch up mixing on an old ambient track of mine. Going to retrack everything anyway but still it would be good to get some thoughts on the current state of the mix and what could be done better. All thoughts, criticisms...
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    Mix test for nu-metal track.

    Just testing the current mix state of a song I've been working around with for awhile. My ears are tired so I'm no longer capable of a reasonable objective judgment for the evening so while I rest, I figure I'll seek some outside opinions on what's working and what isn't. All thoughts welcomed...
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    Landr - Once Click Mastering Test

    So I recently heard about Landr and their promise to master audio tracks and all I'd have to do is just drag and drop the audio track. Needless to say I was curious about what would come of it. Thus, I decided a test was in order. My test was to upload the WAV file of one of my recent songs...
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    AI Djent Riff Generator

    Yep, you read that right, somebody wrote an AI to generate djent/metal breakdown riffs on the fly. Enjoy Djenerator
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    Dark Alternative Rock with some Prog Influence

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here so I'm looking forward to getting to know you all. Hope I can make a positive contribution to this forum over time as well as learn something good from everyone here. That being said, I just made some progress on a mix for a new song I wrote called...