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  1. jl-austin

    NGD Jackson DK3XR (or something like that)

    Normally I don't do NGD. However, this guitar was a pleasant surprise. I wanted a guitar I could play in a "garage band". I was initially thinking about changing the pickups, mostly for cosmetic reasons. However, I love the Humbucker. The singles can go. I might just change out the singles to...
  2. jl-austin

    James Webb Telescope

    No politics please. Am I the only one that is un-impressed by the first photo? It just looks like a clearer picture of one Hubble already took. I'm no astrologer (not even remotely), but could someone shed some light (haha) on what made this picture worth all the hype? Again, no politics please.
  3. jl-austin

    guitar worth

    I wasn't really sure where to post this, I don't want to break any rules, so I figured off-topic was the safest place to post it. Are Korean made Epiphone Strats worth anything? It looks like a Fender strat but its made my Epiphone, I had no idea that they ever made these. A friend got one in a...
  4. jl-austin

    Late to the show.... (Babymetal)

    Any Babymetal fans here? The lead singer is phenomenal, and the drums inspire me as well.
  5. jl-austin

    gray bobbins?

    I know there used to be gray bobbin IBZ/USA pickups from back in the day. I am just curious why this never caught on? I personally thought they looked cool. Did Ibanez put a patent on gray pickups?
  6. jl-austin

    Where is a good place to make music available to people to listen too?

    I don't do video's. So YouTube is out of the question. I would like to find a place to upload music for people to listen too? I like to do story projects. Like series of songs that tell a story. I feel like those artist on American Ido who are REALLY bad, but they still keep after it. HAHA.
  7. jl-austin


    I just got an X-series Jackson back from the shop with a new set of pickups. It is one of the bolt on X-series Dinky's that had active pickups. They didn't sound bad, but not quite what I was looking for. Anyway, I threw a Dimarzio EVO II in the bridge and an EVO neck in it. I'm loving this...
  8. jl-austin

    mod Jackson JS neck like strandberg neck?

    Is it possible to mod something like a Jackson JS (Chinese) neck to be squared off like a strandberg? The JS necks not the thinnest necks out there, I think there is enough wood for it, but the problem is, they have graphite bars for added strength. I am just wondering if I squared one off it...
  9. jl-austin

    Ibanez AZES

    I'm not sure anyone has seen these. To me it looks like a Fender strat clone with a AZ headstock.
  10. jl-austin

    evolved taste.

    So after all these years I have figured out what I like. I prefer; neck - rhythm - alnico 5 (low output) for clean "crunchy" tones bridge - rhythm - Ceramic, (high output) for distorted rhythm tracks. bridge - solo - alnico 5 (medium output) for distorted solo tracks I have decided I just don't...
  11. jl-austin

    pickup opinion

    What do you all think of this with Yellow or Pink Dimarzio's
  12. jl-austin

    Boss HM-2 w/ cab sim

    Has anyone tried to run a distortion pedal (like the Boss HM-2) through a cab simulator directly into an audio interface? I am trying to get away from modelers. I already use a few of the Vox pedals (with built in cab simulators) with mixed results. I would really like something heavier...
  13. jl-austin

    Album covers

    How do you all come up with the Art work for an Album cover. I am a solo guitarist, and not very good at art. I knew a guy at work that would make them, but he got another job and is not interested in doing them anymore. Where do yo find artist for projects?
  14. jl-austin

    9v battery in the neck pickup cavity

    I am wanting to mod one of the Jackson JS guitars, I am wanting it to look industrial. I really don't care for EMG neck pickups, so I had the thought of mounting the battery (and clip) for an EMG 81 in the neck pickup cavity. Is there any reason this wouldn't work? Like I said, I don't care how...
  15. jl-austin

    strings - cello

    Is there a good plug in for Apple Logic Pro with strings? I would like to have arrangements and individual instruments like cellos and such.
  16. jl-austin

    Staining maple black, or dark gray.

    I am wondering how hard it would be to stain a maple fret board, like what comes on the new Jackson Kelly (bound, with black binding). I think it would look sharp with either a dark grey or a black fret board, (black binding and black inlays). I know I would have to sand off the finish. How...
  17. jl-austin

    Another Ibanez pickup question

    I really want one of the new Ibanez RGB300's. It looks like it has the standard PJ pickups, is it possible to replace those with a set of quarter pound PJ from Seymour Duncan? Does anyone know if the route is the same? I believe these are the same pickups used in the lower end Talman guitars...
  18. jl-austin

    Vox silk drive pedal

    For years all I have needed is a distortion and a cabinet simulator. I do all other effects using software (I am a recording musician). So when I saw these pedals (there are 4 different models, the silk being the cleanest) I was curious. I bought one. I don't have any sound samples, but I am...
  19. jl-austin

    Screamin Demon with EMG PA-2

    I am thinking about buying one of the ESP 87 M deluxe. It comes with a Distortion, which is okay, but I would prefer something a little more versatile. It also comes equipped with an EMG PA-2 active boost. I have a Duncan screamin demon that I never really liked because it is just doesn't quite...
  20. jl-austin

    Warmest EMG active neck pickup?

    Title says it all. I want something that sounds kind of like a Duncan Jazz. I have tried the 85 (too much output for a neck pickup, in my opinion). I have a 60 in the neck now, I like this pickup, I think it would sound awesome as a bridge pickup, but not so much as a neck pickup. The models I...