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  1. ChrispyFinch

    Hole on the side of pickup covers

    "open pore pickups allow them to breathe and resonate more, producing exceptional string separation and clarity even under modern high gain."
  2. ChrispyFinch

    Double NGD, something old and something new

    Heres the damage.
  3. ChrispyFinch

    Double NGD, something old and something new

    I sold my J Custom and wanted to fill some gaps in my "collection". Ill start with the best deal i think ive ever gotten on a gear purchase: an MIJ Jackson So-Cal, for $1k. Listed as used, but is 99% Mint. It must have been a B stock or something, you can see the damage behind the nut, and the...
  4. ChrispyFinch

    PSA: Reverb raising payment processing fees to 3.19%

    a friend of mine said this to me, it made some sense for sure, although im not as versed in this kind of thing like he is. "Unfortunately, the credit card monopolies have been raising the transaction rates. [...] Many countries have moved to free digital payment schemes where fees are bypassed...
  5. ChrispyFinch

    Best Trem Stopper?

    Looks like a section of coat hanger to me :shrug:, never thought that an option before lol. Also, holy mother of solder puddles.
  6. ChrispyFinch

    Best Trem Stopper?

    cheap option: stacked & taped coins, wood blocks, a slide latching door lock, or just keep folding some tape on itself until it fits Expensive option: temol-no and other manufactured stoppers.
  7. ChrispyFinch

    Greetings from NC

    NC here too, yeah the scene is dead imo. Just a bunch of 25+ year olds going to shows when the odd band passes through a "major" city. You'll want to check out Greensboro (there used to be a big scene there) shows, Charlotte, Asheville, and Raleigh. Thats pretty much the only places our kinds of...
  8. ChrispyFinch

    Pretty much decided I’m insane

    heres what fixed that for me, play in a band. When youre not making music, you tend to focus on the things that are tangential to producing music. Otherwise, i was obsessed with writing songs, not collecting gear. If there is a sound in a song you think you need, try to get close with what you...
  9. ChrispyFinch

    J Custom NGD

    the gotoh 510, and the prs core trem. Aside from that, just any hardtail is fine. Im not into double locking, too many allen bolts/keys lol
  10. ChrispyFinch

    J Custom NGD

    whoops, had a brain fart. They are Dimarzio Fusion pups. dunno why i was thinking Hyperion...
  11. ChrispyFinch

    J Custom NGD

    Yeah, im just off 321. You or anyone else interested, DM me with your thoughts.
  12. ChrispyFinch

    J Custom NGD

    I took this in on a trade recently and figured i'd post some about it before i moved it on. Ibanez J Custom RG8520 SDE I really like the switching this has going on, kin to the RGD switching with an added coil tap mini toggle. The middle pickup position, tapped, gives you that squishy/straty...
  13. ChrispyFinch

    Where do you all get your strings?

    i purchase from my local music shop. I dont bother with optomised tensions or any of that sutff, just pick up 4 packs of 9s and move on. I'd recon that a lot of these online string manufactures get their strings the same place that EB, GHS, etc get them. Kind of like most electronics, all same...
  14. ChrispyFinch

    What bands did you see live recently / are waiting to see?

    Summoning the Lich Symphony X Both great
  15. ChrispyFinch

    NB(aritone)D: "Why didn't anyone tell me about the ESP Ultratone?" Edition

    both are rad, great finds. The stream looks WAY better than Nergal's signature stream, id actually own one of these pastel colored ones.
  16. ChrispyFinch

    Snagged a Modern Suhr

    Oh man, this is just all the good stuff. Purple is my favorite color AND you got the reverse headstock. Really excellent axe there Dio.
  17. ChrispyFinch

    FS Mayones Regius Gothic 7

    The impressions in the finish are hard to photograph but would be similar to things like button edges being rubbed against the finish, which would create shallow 'grooves' in the finish. Ask any questions!
  18. ChrispyFinch

    FS Mayones Regius Gothic 7

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Used Regius Gothic 7, players grade. See Reverb ad for accurate description Modifications (if any): Bareknuckle Warpig Pickups Accessories (hardshell case etc): OHSC Location (City,State or City,Country): Western NC International OK? : No thanks...
  19. ChrispyFinch

    Snagged a Modern Suhr

    Here ya go, Well after my band mate got a modern in a trade and let me use it for an entire reherseal, I was smitten with it. I've always wanted to try one but chalked it up to a bucket list type of thing. He traded his off for an EBMM JP15 while I was obsessively searching for a used...