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  1. downburst82

    Sonic Stompers (Footswitch Embiggeners!)

    I've been meaning to start a thread for these since I received my first order a few months ago but I'm lazy when it comes to thread creation...and not so lazy when it comes to ordering cool little things I find I like quite a bit... So here we are... My third order just arrived today and I...
  2. downburst82

    BC Rich Eagle Identification help

    I have been looking for a BC Rich Eagle to mod and refinish for awhile. Reccently one popped up on craigslist but its allready been refinished (and as you will see from the paintjob its a prime candidate to be refinished again into something much less stupid...) so no "made in" or serial # to...
  3. downburst82

    New Hopesfall Album before the end of the year!

    Im a little late to the party but I just heard the news. Apperently as of september 1 final mixes were in and they are working on the artwork. Hopesfall is one of my favorite bands of all time so im super excited about this. I am a huge fan of all their albums (Magnetic North being my favorite)...
  4. downburst82

    Blackstar Artist 15 speaker swap

    Member I reccently got a sweet deal on a Blackstar artist 15 amp and its great but I would like to have some fun experimenting with different speakers. Since its a 15w combo I was thinking of trying the WGS Green Beret 25w 16ohm...but I noticed the stock speaker is a Celestion V type 70w. Is...
  5. downburst82

    Unexpected Awesome NPD! Eventide content

    So I was on my local craigslist tonight and saw a minutes old listing for a Eventide Timefactor and they were only asking $100!! (That $100 canadian $, equals about $70 usa $)I jumped on it right away and was the first by minutes. Arranged to meet him tonight at his studio to test it out...
  6. downburst82

    New Eighteen Visions

    Didn't see this posted yet and figure why not? Ive always been a big fan but from what I remember back in the day they were a bit divisive... Their last self titled album in 2006 was very tame almost pop rock at times...
  7. downburst82

    PSA DOD Boneshaker pedal on sale for $39.99

    I saw this over on TGP and figured it was a pedal that suites this board well. (Sadly I can't actually get one as its only available to USA) *edit* free shipping as well!
  8. downburst82

    WTB EMG 909X

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: I'm looking for an EMG 909X pickup. (If you have a set I might be interested in both) Modifications (if any): New or Used is fine as long as it works. Accessories (hardshell case etc): I just need the pickup no pots/switches etc required. Location...
  9. downburst82

    Anyone in Vancouver want to split the shipping costs on an order from Kalium Strings?

    *Mods please feel free to move this thread to whatever area you feel appropriate* Hey guys, just wondering if there are any guys in Vancouver,Canada who might want to split (or 1/3,1/4)the shipping on a Kalium strings order? I just got a 9 string and really want to get some proper strings for...
  10. downburst82

    New stuff from Line6 ps: Sorry tried to embed from my phone and it didnt work its fixed now, Thanks jazzhands you on it as well :yesway:
  11. downburst82

    NPD I finally bought my dream OD (point to point content)

    So as the title says I finally picked up my dream overdrive pedal. The Sally Drive Advanced from 6 degrees FX. Boutique Hand Built Effect Pedals – 6 Degrees FX I have been drooling over these since seeing a gutshot picture a coupe of years ago showing off the awesome point to point...
  12. downburst82

    AMT B1

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: AMT B1 in great condition (w box) Modifications (if any):none Accessories (hardshell case etc):none Location (City,State or City,Country): North Vancouver,BC,Canada International OK? : Canada,USA only Contact Info (No Phone #s): pm me...
  13. downburst82

    NPD X2 featuring $300 volume pedal(Hilton) and a Maverick(Morley)

    Well after several years and 5 other volume pedals I decided to finally give in, spend some $$ and get the best (well second best,there is still the $500+ Telonics fp-100) I do a lot of swells :) *First a little history" I started with a Dunlop "high gain volume pedal" It was ok but had lots...
  14. downburst82

    Cheap Vigier Marilyn 6 on the ebay

    Vigier Marilyn Electric Guitar w Case | eBay Not the most popular shape but some people love them and if someone snags this for under a grand thats a STEAL for any Vigier! (its at $510 right now with 14hrs left!!) If I had the available $$ I would be all over it (and wouldn't post this...
  15. downburst82

    Great guitar builders that are also Great guitar players?

    Just what the title says. I'm wondering what guitar builders out there are also really excellent players as well. :shred: I know there are a few I should be able to think of right off the bat, but its late, i'm tired and am drawing a blank. I'm sure you guys out there know of all sorts...
  16. downburst82

    Anyone know what happened with Being? (band)

    I had been following these guys for awhile and they were all set to release there album "anthropocene" then they decided to go re-record it..then delay delay delay....culminating with them posting "Its never coming out." and now nothing..that was over a month ago..web domain is up for...
  17. downburst82

    Meshuggah m8m style Agile guitar, anyone seen this yet?

    Agile Intrepid Pro 830 EB Charcoal - Mahogany Body 5 piece maple/walnut neck-thru body design with headstock matching body Rare Ebony fingerboard with 15” radius. Width 2 ¼” at the nut (very hard to find high quality ebony this wide at an afordable price)...
  18. downburst82

    Thoughts on line 6 ax2 212?

    Im on a budget and looking for a nice cheap decently powered amp, Found this on craigslist for $200 with footpedal.I know they are old school modeling tech but ive seen some youtube vids of people getting some really great tones out of them:shred:. Just wondering if anyone here has one/has any...
  19. downburst82

    BTBAM LACS ibanez on ebay

    LA Custom Shop Ibanez RG Built For Dustie Waring Of Between The Buried And Me | eBay listing is a little light on the details, but looks pretty nice! I have Zero $ but thought someone here might be interested?
  20. downburst82

    Carvin dc800 in the guitars in stock section! It looks AMAZING!!!! great price to! Any chance its a namm guitar? there is also an Crazy green dc700 that looks amazing as well!.... I need a job that makes more money :(