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  1. Dominoes282

    Carvin... *ahem*... FANNED fret

    Jeff Kiesel posted this to his facebook saying "crooked frets". All I can say is, my body is ready :hbang::hbang::hbang:
  2. Dominoes282

    How's this guitar tone? I've got it close but still sounds a bit off.

    Thank you to anyone with critiques. :hbang:
  3. Dominoes282

    Allan Holdsworth with a new Carvin... but with how many strings?

    Just when you thought it was safe to assume a normal existence. I think every 8 string player just took a crap
  4. Dominoes282

    The Impossible Challenge Thread

    Try to make it through the video below without raging once... Guaranteed you cannot make it. :wallbash:
  5. Dominoes282

    Suggest a neck profile for my stupid long fingers?

    Hi guys. I'm posting this here because there isn't a general guitar forum and I mainly play eight strings. Anyways, I've been playing guitar for around 12 years now and still haven't found a neck profile that is comfortable. My fingers are ridiculously long so if the neck is too thin, then I...
  6. Dominoes282

    Let's build a dream Carvin DC800!

    Yes, there are probably a half a billion threads like this, but screw it. Anyways I've been drooling over all the customs I see pass through the ERG department and have collected my list of option 50's and option 51's (imaginary), so feel free to chime in with your list. -- Carvin DC800 -...
  7. Dominoes282

    I'd like to mix your project for free!

    Move this if this isn't the right section thanks. "y u do dis?" You ask? Well as a portfolio builder for one, which in the metal community is lacking quite a bit, but for two, I really just love doing this shit. I've been mixing doggedly for the past couple of years starting out with crappy...
  8. Dominoes282

    NPUD!! Blackwater Neodymium Modern (w/ review + test)

    That was a '''fun''' last couple of days. It was pretty worth it in my opinion because along with testing out some new on the market pickups, I also joined the very small club of people who swapped out Carvin DC800 actives to passives, which was an interesting process to say the least. One thing...
  9. Dominoes282

    Could anyone explain this to me?

    I'm currently changing the shit out of the pickups in my DC800 right now and apparently there has been a lot of controversy around it due to the active to passive switch. I found a diagram on how to do it but it's just confused me even further. Check it out BBS :: View topic - A...
  10. Dominoes282

    What's you guys' personality type?

    I'm always interested in this kind of stuff and musicians are interesting in this category, so from a Myers Briggs perspective, what are you? I classify as a INTJ for example. HERE is a better organized chart if you don't know how to classify yourself. Inb4 bullshit :lol:
  11. Dominoes282

    Sidechaining guitar and bass... interesting.

    So just a quick experiment I set up today and I'm pleased with the result more or less. It really gets the guitar to behave with the bass in the mix and wondered if anyone else has tried this. Btw I'm sidechaining from 200Hz down and guitar is cut at 124Hz. P.S. don't mind the rest of the mix...