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  1. glpg80

    What Amp to Nail This Tone?

    It's tight, percussive, and records amazing. :hbang: What did he use on this album? What can nail this? I'm not even sure it's a tube amplifier.
  2. glpg80

    Carpet of Snakes!

  3. glpg80

    Am I in the Wrong?

    I have a question for my fellow sso'ers. If a teenager kills three others while driving under the influence, am I in the wrong for not having sympathy for the parents of the teenager? It seems as though you should forgive everyone in the situation but apparently I have been told or argued...
  4. glpg80

    Eventide H9 vs Strymon BigSky?

    I need help choosing a reverb. Does anyone who owns or has owned a Bigsky comment on what sounds like an abundance of compression that exists? Does the Bigsky allow you to adjust the dynamics? The H9 seems to sound more like a natural reverb, but doesn't sound as transparent about the original...
  5. glpg80

    Studio Gear for Guitar Rig?

    I've come to terms with the fact that guitar reverbs do not cut it. I tend to prefer more realistic reverbs, and to obtain that functionality I'm finding that it's more studio based gear/plugins that I crave for my guitar rig. Here lies the problem. Studio gear is marketed towards studio...
  6. glpg80

    Missing Sections at Bottom of Forum?

    Myself and a few others can no longer see who is currently active in the chatroom, in addition to the currently active users listing that is normally at the bottom of the page. Is it possible you can enlighten us as to when or if the chatroom information can be made visible again please? With...
  7. glpg80

    So I played a DSL100H today...

    And it was putting out the gain! Holy crap. The cleans were excellent and the gain channel had a ton of meat/grind. The built in reverb wasn't obscene to the point of overkill, and the gain channel lead 2 even cleans up with the roll-back of the guitar volume. It's also killer loud. I was...
  8. glpg80

    Christmas Reputation for SSO'ers!

    I remember this being a thing last year that someone started, and i thought if was both thoughtful and cool! Everyone that posts in the thread gifts another with SSO reputation in the spirit of Christmas! Merry Christmas to all!
  9. glpg80

    X3 Pro vs PodHD500X?

    If you were a college student needing something to practice, which you would you pick and why? I am more partial to a vetta II HD which has the X3 preamp simply because I can also use it for practicing with friends and Romeo has managed some great tones live back in symphony x. I do not want...
  10. glpg80

    X3 Pro vs PodHD500X?

  11. glpg80

    Engl Blackmore Question?

    Has anyone ran EL34's or E34L's in their blackmore? Does it help emphasize the mids in the amplifier for the better or does it just sound terrible? Having a hard time on finding videos or recordings of this amplifier with something other than 6L6's. Can previous owners elaborate please?
  12. glpg80

    Clean Channels?

    As musicians we speak lightly of a great clean channel, or really pure cleans. But for many it is hard to find or impossible to know what to look for when factoring in budgets along with solid state or tubes. What is the best clean sound you have ever heard? What gear was involved? I'll go...
  13. glpg80

    All the Timing

    I need solid tried and true things to improve timing with: transitions tapping string skipping rock solid rhythm techniques things to practice to improve timing of different signatures anything else you can thing of to recommend that works for variety. It's been many years now since I was last...
  14. glpg80

    Tom Anderson to Offer 24 Frets!

  15. glpg80

    NGD - Splawn Content!

    Obligatory kitty image :3 Managed to chat with Scott for over an hour about everything. Such a great guy. The cabinets turned out immaculate :hbang: Definitely will be hanging out more at splawn headquarters :yesway:
  16. glpg80

    Outlast Thread

    Due to release on PS4 in early 2014, it is already available for PC on steam. I have been going through this game and dear jesus this game is scary. I am a huge fan of old resident evil style horror/puzzle games and this game pushes that scare limit to the next level. Ghosts, creepy floors...
  17. glpg80


    New Custom Shop Guitar Day! :D I snagged this beauty disguised in a forest of fender standards hanging on a massive guitar wall at Sam Ash. New 2012 Fender Select :hbang: Sorry for the fuzzy pictures. I could not get my shitty camera to focus correctly. Flamed...
  18. glpg80

    Workstation Build Thread

    I just put the order in for the monitors - four Dell 24" LED IPS screens. They will be here later this week. I'll be short on words and get straight to the details: 3930k OC on water to 4.5Ghz 16GB G-Skill 2400Mhz DDR3 RAM Gigabyte 670-Ti 4GB DDR5 4 24" dell IPS monitors LSI 9265-8i SCSI/SATA...
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    Kitty Sings to an Organ!

  20. glpg80

    Jeff Daniels - America no Longer the Great

    NSFW because cursing. Hard to deny the statistics - i believe his reasoning is a bit off though. I cannot fully explain why but i felt as though i should share this here. Do i agree? I believe so. I find it hard the current up and rising generation is some of the most well educated as ever...