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    Writing, personal work

    Hello I did see a very old thread on this but thought a new one is in order. As musicians, I think we all have an artistic side in us. We may be writing music, painting, or needlepoint, otherwise known as tattoos. Whatever it may give us the satisfaction of a completed project made with our...
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    New Wife and Fat Bike

    After a long engagement we decided to get married, we have been together for 8 years. These two events are joined as I was waiting for 2 months for the bike and it came in on our wedding day. We were only going away for a few days locally to Niagara falls, our honeymoon is in May to France...
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    Italy, cycling trip

    Hey guys long time! After a great summer of racing and riding we capped it off with 500+ miles and 52,000 feet of climbing over 7 days in the Dolomites region of Italy. This is home to the Giro and all the classic climbs of the cycling history, it felt just amazing to be on these same roads...
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    Kemper studio/bookshelf speakers

    I have no idea what I need and hope you guys can point me in the right direction. Due to noise issues I have gone to a passive Kemper and will get a Alto to play out with, at home it needs to be quieter. What I want is to be able to play guitar through the monitors as well as play along to...
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    Multi FX-Headphone

    I have the 5153 50 water and a new Condo which totally killing my playing time. Because of the smaller space I have to play in the living room or bedroom quietly, quieter than acoustic latter at night. So, I don't want a complicated FX like a HD500 but something like the ME70 which cannot be...
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    I have a dream NGD

    So last night I was playing some Slayer on the guitar and then relaxing with some great metal tunes on the headphones while the girls watched some gay show on TV. Fast forward to the middle of the night and I am dreaming I am up on stage playing guitar and having a blast playing all sorts of...
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    Image links

    Guys I know we always see some great shots out there and if we had to start a thread for each one it would be overkill. Post up your links here for us to see. Here is mine to start. Red Bull Illume Photo Contest 2013 - In Focus - The Atlantic
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    Random dreams coming true?

    All my life I have had these weird dreams the come true like in a Deja Vu kinda way. Yesterday biking in the new area I have never been before I came to a section of road where the houses were exactly as I dreamed and the creepy lady was still in the driveway watching me ride by. I dreamed...
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    Spring photo challenge

    Ok, post them up and don't forget to name the picture!
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    Weekly Photo Challenge

    Guys, I seen this in another photography forum and I think it would be great for us to learn our cameras and for the sake of competition choose a winner. Rules are simple and I am making them up so feel free to comment so we all agree. 1, Subject is picked by winner. 2, Duration is one...
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    New Road Bike

    Running this year will take a back seat to some road racing and a couple big rides, this is my weapon of choice! Full Dura Ace Carbon fiber frame, bars, crank, seat, wheels and fork. Tubular tires 16.4 pounds :agreed: [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    D7100 or 7D

    My wonderful daughter took my D90 to school without telling me of course and promptly lost it, we looked everywhere including the subway but its gone! She only lost the body and prime not my other two lenses. Shopping today I was looking at the D7100 with all it's great features but I keep...
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    AM Special Strat PU

    Hello My Strat is a great playing guitar and I love everything about it except the bridge HB, its weak. My goal is to swap out the PU with something that has a more metal tone yet blends well with the 5 way switch and work with the stock tone circuit. Most of my music is Metallica...
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    Randy Blyth, Manslaughter Trial

    The Monolith RANDY BLYTHE MANSLAUGHTER TRIAL STARTS TODAY IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC I must of been under a rock and did not know this, I will be watching to see how this plays out. Stay strong brother!!
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    Led Zeppelin Kashmir

    I just picked up the new Celebration day DVD and am blown away, the playing of these old master is just precision in a liver performance. They may have lost a bit of there youth but the experience, professionalism and talent make up for it. Take a look at these masters in action, you young...
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    DSLR Discussion

    I have a D90 and love to shoot with it but I would love to learn new tips and tricks with it and I will think other DSLR users can benefit as well. Items for discussion would be how to use your settings like aperture priority, F-stop, white balance and lenses for correct applications. I am...
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    Vulgar Display 20 years....

    This is a bit of a bump to a few months ago but just got the album and wanted to share for those who have not heard it. I don't know about you guys but when Pantera came out with this album 20 years ago it was a huge influence in my life and the face of Metal. Its now 20 years old and this...
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    NGD AM Special Strat

    I know you guys are not the biggest Strat fans but for those who like em, check my new baby out! The band I jam with are into blues and classic rock and although I am a metal guy these are my buds so this is what we play. I wanted a guitar that cleaned up nice and had some single coils and...
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    Lee Child's Reacher novels

    If you like action type books look them up, great reads! Going to a movie the other day I seen the preview for a Reacher movie and was excited then seen Tom Cruise was playing Reacher. In the books Reacher is a massive 6'5" guy that wonders around the US with no possessions except a tooth...
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    Charvel ST Custom

    I have a chance to trade my guitar for one of these, looks to be 90's Japan super strat in a HSS configuration. This one has been a case queen and is as mint as the day it was made. Its a fair trade for my Hagstrom Super Swede value wise with me coming on top a bit. The reviews say it has...