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  1. BrainArt

    So how do you feel about Hula Girls?

    Her voice is annoying as ..... You can tell she's from the Valley. :barf: And as a Hawaiian, there are bigger problems my people are facing than a piece of tourist kitsch, we also don't need someone who has no clue wtf they're talking about trying to fight our battles for us.
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    *Peaks head in*

    I'm still around, but I primarily lurk these days. Glad to see you back, Drakkar! Even if it's for a short period of time. :wavey:
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    They were obsidian. :lol: That is impressive. I haven't played Minecraft to just build gigantic things in a long time.
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    So, Fallout 4...

    I took Piper with me, because I hadn't even heard of the Nick thing until I saw it in this thread. I tend to live under a rock when I game. :lol:
  5. BrainArt

    So, Fallout 4...

    I'm getting ready to. I started the quest for it, but have sidetracked off on other things, as I normally do. I was debating on leaving it alone for a while, because I am doing a lot of back-end things for a YouTube channel, and I am definitely planning on a modded playthrough.
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    This is wrong. Battlefield 1942 (the very first Battlefield game) was rated T, as was Battlefield Vietnam. The modern BF games are rated M. Anyways, now that I'm done being a BF fanboy hipster, I'm stoked for this. I've wanted a WWI shooter for a while, WWII would have been nice again, but...
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    So, Fallout 4...

    I just started playing the DLC (haven't even finished the main questline, I got bored of RPGs for a while and have dedicated most of my gaming time to NBA2k16). I've found that for me, . Being able to modify robot companions is going to be sick, though.
  8. BrainArt

    Need some prayers

    ...., man... This hits close to home, my grandfather passed from the same basic thing yours did. Sending some positive vibes to you and your fam. :wub: :hug:
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    So, Fallout 4...

    I'm going to be able to put more time into this very soon. The rest of the components for my new PC build come in today, besides my SSD, which is somewhere out there. USPS. :rant::realmad: This rig is going to run Fallout 4 on ultra with ease. I mean, it better; I spec'd it out around...
  10. BrainArt

    So, Fallout 4...

    I have a really bad habit of walking over mines while in my power armor. It's *only* when in my power armor, though. When I'm out of it, I'm a bit more cautious and wary of where I step.
  11. BrainArt

    So, Fallout 4...

    ^ I don't have to worry about a jealous girlfriend, since I don't have one, and won't have one for a while because I plan on spending all of my free time playing this game. :lol: I too have had the "thank god I had this Fatman on me" moments. Most notably, and all I will say is this, The Castle.
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    So, Fallout 4...

    I only have about 24 hours logged in the ten days that the game has been released (even though Steam says that it is closer to 50-60 hours, I share my steam account with my little sister), I'm having to work around my work schedule and my sister's play time. I love this game, though...
  13. BrainArt

    The best thing about

    I'm here every day, I've just taken to lurking. I don't really have much to add, since I'm on an indefinite sabbatical from playing guitar. I do miss the days of our old chat crew. Those were some great times! :wub:
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    Need good vibes sent for my mom

    Sending some good vibes over, dude! :hug:
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    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    When you're in TES5Edit, after everything has finished loading, right click on the left side of the program where the drop downs are and there should be an option that says "Create..." then in that menu click "Merged Patch" name it as you please, then bring up your preferred mod manager and make...
  16. BrainArt

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    ^ Did you try creating a Merge Patch in TES5Edit? One of the more recent NMM updates screwed me over on mods for New Vegas and creating a new merge patch in NVEdit helped fix the issues with crashing to desktop after I reinstalled my mods manually. I haven't installed any new mods for FO3...
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    I'm a married man!

    Congrats, man! :yesway:
  18. BrainArt

    Where I've Been

    Oh damn... :eek: Glad you're doing better, man! I'll be sending some major positive vibes your way. :yesway: :hug:
  19. BrainArt

    Song from my upcoming second electronic industrial album release

    As a longtime fan of industrial and aggrotech, this was damn good. I dig it. :hbang: