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  1. BrainArt

    Studio Update for Devin Townsend's "Epicloud".

    :hbang: From what I can hear, it's going to be amazing, as usual.
  2. BrainArt

    NJD! Finally!

    I got the call earlier this evening, I now work for L&L Hawai'ian Barbecue in the kitchen. Two weeks living in Colorado and I've accomplished more here than I did in twenty years in California. :rofl: First thing I'm buying is Skyrim. :lol:
  3. BrainArt

    Advice for packing several guitars for cross country move?

    I searched and didn't see anything regarding this, really. My family is moving from California to Colorado this weekend and I need to pack my guitars, my mom's guitar and my sister's guitars for the move. Now, I know the obvious thing is to use guitar shipping boxes, but since we don't have...
  4. BrainArt

    Well, two decades of my life have now passed by.

    Today is my 20th birthday. One more year until I can legally destroy my liver. :lol:
  5. BrainArt

    New RXYZYXR track and vocalist!

    I did a search, but didn't see anything on this new song itself, so mods, if there is a pre-existing thread for this song, you know what to do. :) This has actually been out for a while, now, but they just uploaded a new video to youtube. And they finally have a vocalist, I think he fits in...
  6. BrainArt

    Gibson releases Alex Lifeson signature Axcess Les Paul!

    I ran a search and nothing came up. If there is already a thread on this, mods lock this one up or merge them. :) I got the new MF catalog in today and on the cover it has Lifeson holding the new sig. Here's a link to everything on it: April Catalog Cover With Alex Lifeson | Musician's Friend...
  7. BrainArt

    My futile attempt at recording. :/ This isn't a whole song, just what I have written, so far. So don't judge the repetitiveness of it, and mark me off as someone who can't play. And yes, I know. The mix is absolutely horrid. There *is* a kick, but it's way...
  8. BrainArt

    New Joe Satrian track from "Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards"!

    Just saw this on his official facebook page. joesatriani - Light Years Away - SoundCloud Sounds pretty awesome, IMO! :D Can't wait to hear the whole album when it comes out. EDIT: In my excitement and typing frenzy, I missed the last I in Satch's name, so if a mod could please add that in...
  9. BrainArt

    Just got home from seeing the best show of my life.

    Yep yep! Just got home from seeing Deftones last night in Sacramento with my cousin. They brought it hard for their hometown and put on an amazing show. Chino's vocals were flawless, and they played a good mix of all of their material. :hbang: Circa Survive opened for them, so it was a fairly...
  10. BrainArt

    My boredom can actually pay off. :D

    I was bored, and decided to mess around with FL 9 some more. I spent a good few hours just going around and hitting buttons to see what they do. Then after figuring out how to do a few things I had been wondering how to do, I made this. It's called "Dissonance In Daylight", many thanks to...
  11. BrainArt

    In the process of creating another track.

    Yup, the title says all. :cool: SoundClick artist: BrainArt - page with MP3 music downloads It still needs a little work, and to be a bit longer, but I like what I have so far. I'm making it a breather between two heavy as fuck songs on my album. :D If any of you have any tips or critiques...
  12. BrainArt

    So, I was bored yesterday and made something.....

    I made a formspring, even though I had told myself I wasn't going to do so. But I was bored and it was for mine and Prydogga's entertainment, of which we get much out of with it. :lol: So, go ahead and ask me questions (serious or not so serious), and I'll answer them with something serious...
  13. BrainArt

    Some promotion for my friend's band. :)

    So, my friend's band just released their 6-track EP the other day, and it's quite epic. And, as the Street Team Leader for them I figured I'd post up the link to their myspace for any of you guys looking for new and awesome music. :hbang: Simoom New Songs Up! EP released! on MySpace Music -...
  14. BrainArt

    A little something I put together.

    Wow, so this is my first thread in the recording section, hopefully not my last, either. So, I have been messing around with FL Studio 9, thanks to the recommendation from Demoniac. :wub: And I decided to try my hand at "electronic". It's not the best, but I enjoy it and had fun making it. And...
  15. BrainArt

    Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Thread.

    I searched, didn't see anything. Who else here loves this show as much as I do? Out of the comedy shows I watch, T&E is my favorite. Each episode makes me :rofl:. I have all four seasons on my iPod, and Season Cinco starts on Sunday on Adult Swim. I can't wait! :scream: :metal: So, any of...
  16. BrainArt

    DTP Tour Vids 3 and 4.

    Yes, I know Prydogga made a thread about the tour vids, but I couldn't find it. :lol: 3 4 :hbang:
  17. BrainArt

    RGD320WH on Musik Schmidt.

    Sorry if this is a repost, but I didn't see anything on it when I scanned through. Probably a much better demo than the one the dude from Emmure did for the RGD7.
  18. BrainArt

    EMG-Sized Passive covers for 7s and 8s.

    Ok, so with the new Ibby RGA7s and RGA8 coming out soon, and the complaints I've read on the pups being active, and having the EMG style routes, I have started thinking about tooling out some covers for passives to fit into the routes and still look clean. Yes, I know some of you will say: "Get...
  19. BrainArt

    I had a total Jizz in my pants moment, earlier today at my local music shop.

    Yep, that's right, I did. I saw, and played a pre-lawsuit Ibby LP copy and absolutely loved it! It was a little beat up and the switch was kind of loose and iffy, but if I had the money, I would have picked it up and there would be an NGD. :lol: I'm pretty sure it was all stock, too. Which is...
  20. BrainArt

    For all those who are Rammstein fans and have yet to hear about this...

    I'm stoked, I've been waiting for ages for news on the new album! :hbang: