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    Indian Driving lessons

    Samir, you're breaking the car - YouTube
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    The transcent to a higher form of art this is truly music at its highest form
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    [FIXED] EMG wiring issue

    Ok, so basically I'm wiring an 85 into one of my ibanez guitars - just one pup, one volume. So I've followed the wiring diagram and I'm not getting any signal at all. I've tried resoldering/replacing all the wires (within reason) and that didn't change anything. I've tried a different...
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    Best. Auction. Ever

    Nuclear Warrior Guitar from The Only Guitarist Ever and Scott Lifshine | eBay this guy is fvcking crazy, this is his band Nuclear Warrior Theme Song - YouTube
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    Grindcore Mixtest
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    HM2 attempt mixtest: X50, Metal Machine This isn't actually a HM2, it's a x50 and a mokafix fuzz pedal plugin It can sound more like a HM2 when you up the fuzz and contour controls. any thoughts?
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    Death of Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela, hero of South Africa, dies at 95 | CTV News
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    New Mix: X50, SD2.0 and Trillian (NOT DJENT I PROMISE YOU)
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    Old strings mixtest So I have pretty old strings on but I wanted to record stuff (:nuts:) I need to fix the cymbal panning and the guitar tone, but this maxes out my CPU even after printing stuff so it's pretty hard to do. :lol:
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    Are my guitars too quiet? Well? are they? :lol:
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    Post metal mixtest any thoughts?
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    Rate my Mix (grindy-hardcore-noodlepocalyptic shit) How does this sound?
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    What is wrong with my snare? my snare seriously sounds like the aural representation of an elder citizen's floppy bosoms. I'm using superior and the Nir-Z custom with a sample blended in.
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    Converge - Axe to Fall mixtest please make fun of my mix and my bass tone <3
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    Cooking with Phil Anselmo

    It's 1:56 in the morning and I'm too tired to laugh.
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    Why do me and snares have a complicated relationship? Well any tips on getting the drum mix sounding good? Me and the snare have always had a rocky relationship, some days I ask her to wear that beautiful piccolo, but she refuses and becomes all anorexic and thin; goddamn it, I like some meat...
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    Melting Ice cream This is surprisingly relaxing to watch.
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    New CHON!

    Finally, at long last. :metal:
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    Bootleg Movie Posters

    From Ibanez's indonesian factory to Hollywood, these dudes are the most hottest artists around. :lol: 30 Hilarious Bootleg Movie Posters from Ghana «TwistedSifter
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    Anata splits up

    Anata Split Up And All I Got Was This Lousy Hashtag? - Heavy Blog Is Heavy I'm actually pretty annoyed by this, I have an unhealthy obsession with this band. :noway: