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    Rappin' For Jesus (lol content)

    :rofl: :lol: "my rhymes are fly, mah beats are sick":cool:
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    An official update for Bernie Rico Jr. Guitars

    EDIT: Crap, missed it earlier, sorry please delete this mods.
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    NAD - Carvin V3, and a little HD500 help needed.

    Pics first: And the whole stack with my mess of pedals... So I know a lot of people dont like this amp for whatever various reasons, especially for metal. Ive always wanted one, and got this through GC used, for a reasonable price. (though they told me there was a footswitch, didnt get...
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    Amp story, good GC experience, and help wanted on new amp.

    I have no clue what else to call this thread. So here's the start of it. Wayyyyyy back in early December, I was looking on guitar center used, and saw they had a Traynor Custom Special 100, version 2, head price dropped to $329! I had always wanted to try one of those, cause they're really...
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    NCD: 2011 Ford Flex SEL - Mediterranean Blue

    So ever since these things have come out in 2009, I've wanted one. Tons of space to transport gear, smooth riding, lots of great features and I like the styling, even though lots dont. Straight to the pics: So I work for a ford dealer, and bought this at another one ironically enough. They...
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    NBD Cort Curbow 4

    I have wanted one of these since I first saw them. I hate the new finishes since Cort brought them back, and I've been on a hunt for one of the bubinga (? correct wood?) ones, and finally got this. So other than looking awesome, this thing feels and plays just righteous for how relatively...
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    NAD + NCD, (Solid State and Ported goodness inside) Byah

    So i saw a Randall VMax listed on CL at a Pawn shop a few months ago, but the shop was too far away. So I kept my eye on ebay and scored one on the cheap. ($230 shipped) Got it today and its in really really nice shape. No footswich, *more on this later Ive been wanting a good solid state...
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    So I'm finally taking steps to better my health, would like advice.

    I havent been on here lately because I cant get on SSO at work anymore :( But I'm gonna try to swing by more often. ANYWAY Short(ish) backstory. When I was in high-school, even when i graduated i was in a lot better shape than i realized. Afterwards, I broke up with a girl I thought I loved...
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    Javier Reyes' Illustrated Luthier 8 on ebay

    8 String Custom Guitar Made by The Illustrated Luthier | eBay Not really a bad price, I think its a sweet gutiar, but i cant dig that headstock. I'd rather have tosin's though
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    Need help setting up my DAW (Sonar X1, M-Audio)

    So I'm fairly fresh to this recording thing, and I've been running into issues getting my audio properties set up right, and I could use some insight on where I should set my buffers, etc, I'd greatly appreciate all input. Im using Sonar X1 for my audio software, my interface is an M-Audio Fast...
  11. ShadowFactoryX

    Replacement Google (an NFL kinda take on google, lol fun content)

    Google, now sponsored by the NFL made in light of the monday night game. search for something and see what it takes you to. i searched "fireworks", and it changed it to "does canada have sonic resturaunts?" :lol: EDIT: lmao, searched "football" and got "Shark Attack fruit snacks, where to get...
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    AMT Electronics makes solid-state equivalent of 6L6 and 12AX7 tubes

    Saw this yesterday, and Im surprised it hasnt been posted. It's on their facebook, but not on their site. They're planning for a spring production. Obviously a cad rendering, but you can see whats goin on...
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    Guitar Fetish (GFS) Factory Seconds, Necks & Bodies

    Idk if this would be better here or group buys. GFS has posted this a few weeks on FB that they were buying a warehouse full of bodies and necks that have been in storage from other major guitar brands that have little to large flaws for stupid cheap. If any of you are handy enough to do a...
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    Wood doesnt affect tone, and Agiles are junk? This guy believes so.

    I really didnt know where to post this, so mods feel free to move it if it fits somewhere else better... but I came across this at random by viewing the article off of Decibel Guitars' FB which...
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    NBD Schecter Studio 5

    So I saw this bass on saturday at a local shop, and played it for a bit. i only usually play bass as a backing track, and I got a 6 string rogue bass, which is decent, but i dont use that high C at all. So I've wanted to get a decent 5 string. This was the time. I've always liked schecter's...
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    Kid President

    He's got my vote:agreed:
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    Peter Wichers leaves Soilwork...again...

    :wallbash: I figured something was up due to the stagnation lately.
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    Interfaces, DAW, USB/FireWire??? Need help on all the above.

    So I really wanna do more of the home recording stuff. But I need some serious help in the line of what to get within my budget constraints. To have the ability to record drums is what I'm aiming for, because for guitar and bass I can already go DI with my POD HD500 and my Zoom B9. First off...
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    Unexpected New Half Stack Day!!!!

    So whilst browsing craigslist today during lunchtime i stumbled across an ad. It was for a Line 6 HD100, which I noticed was previously listed yesterday, and before, for a higher price. Today it was priced to go ASAP, and luckily I scored. Didnt really need it, but it was a deal I couldnt...
  20. ShadowFactoryX

    NPD Mooer Pedals x2 (Super small pedal content inside)

    So recently Ive come across a new brand of chinese made pedals under the brand name of MOOER. Did some research, and watched a few vids (there's some content on youtube) and was fairly impressed. They normally go for about 80-90 a piece, but I scored them at discount. I really love how little...