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  1. Seedawakener

    Scott Henderson dominating with Jean Luc Ponty!

    :yesway: You'll have to search for a long time to find a man with better thematic phrasing than this guy.
  2. Seedawakener

    C.B Murdoc - I just found out about these guys and I'm in awe. Groovy tech-death. wow

    Lots of attitude and really groovy riffs. Appearantly this is the drummer that filled in for Haake at a few Meshuggah shows a while back. :hbang: intense. C.B Murdoc on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  3. Seedawakener

    Ok... This is just silly! (13yo japanese girl on the drumset).

    I usually don't get to excited over kids like this but her playing is outstanding. Don't know where and how she managed to "get" music so well. :eek:
  4. Seedawakener

    Any fans of Clutch?

    I've been listening to these guys all the time lately. So groovy and heavy. Neil Fallon is the coolest singer and lyricist too.
  5. Seedawakener

    What volume and setting to use on pod x3 when used with the 4 cable method?

    Couldn't find any info on this at all! I'm sitting here with my triaxis for the first time trying to find out how to dial the thing so that the tone isn't affected! Any clues?
  6. Seedawakener

    Tim and Eric just won the Random-competition... wtf!?

    :lol: So awesome!
  7. Seedawakener

    This video was my gateway into fusion from metal!(Chick Corea Elektric band - Rumble)

    Really, fast forward to 02.00 if you don't want to watch the awesome drum solo with equally awesome robot dancing by all the member of the band! Awesome song writing! For me this is heavier than any metal I've heard. Of course in a different way, but still. The harmonies are pretty damn...
  8. Seedawakener

    Getting my JP7 PLEKed today!

    So I've actually had a lot of problems with this guitar believe it or not. Today I'm leaving at GuitarLabs here in Sweden for it to be PLEKed. I'll review the guitar when I get it back to see if it was worth the $300. :yesway:
  9. Seedawakener

    Dave Weckl playing the grooviest 7/8 you'll ever hear... (Island Magic)

    We're actually playing this song in our fusion band. Such a fantastic composition and great drum playing by Weckl... Enjoy! Our live version of the song:
  10. Seedawakener

    My friends' truly awesome prog rock band 'Generous Men'!

    Generous Men - Ny låt uppe! on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads I must say that "I Still Dream" is a fantastic song.
  11. Seedawakener

    My fusion band playing Chick Coreas Got a Match live!

    Got a Match? Live! on Vimeo Hope you enjoy this! The main theme is a bitch to play! :lol:
  12. Seedawakener

    Getting a 2x12 for my triaxis/2:90 rig! Now I need your expertise on what to get!

    It's finally time for me to get a cab for my Triaxis/2:90! And I really want to get something that I'll be able to stick with for a while. So I've been looking at the Fryette fatbottom/Deliverance 2x12's, The different mesa ones, the orange PPC212. Remember I live in Sweden, so I'd love to be...
  13. Seedawakener

    Brecker Brothers - Song for Barry (Mega awesome fusion)

    Ok, second half of the song right after Michaels solo (Which you should check out... its amazing.) Dennis Chambers seriously knows how to groove. The double pedal in the end is kinda metal too.
  14. Seedawakener

    My friends band Stay Ali! (Ridiculously awesome Electronica content!)

    Listen to the song Vati Parati. Super awesome evil stuff. Stay Ali on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  15. Seedawakener

    Brett Garsed's solo on Alien Hip Hop may very well be one of the best solos ever.

    Listen and appreciate this work of art. Solo begins at 02.55, but I suggest you listen to the whole thing, cause everything just flows so well. Such phrasing and sense of melody. Although some parts are rather "shreddy", he does it like no one else. I mean, I love Guthrie Govan but even he...
  16. Seedawakener

    It's not Jackie Chan!

  17. Seedawakener

    Ok, so one of my montors just failed... (Behringer Truth B2031A)

    I should start by saying that I haven't used them in a week or so and they've been plugged into an ungrounded powersource to prevent background noises when playing... Anyway, the tweeter of my left one just doesn't have any output. The right monitor works fine, but the left one is just...
  18. Seedawakener

    I recorded this Birthday present for my uncle! (lots of improv and BKP content!)

    I didn't put that much time into polishing it at all or mixing for that matter! It's hysterically sloppy and untight at times but its just a fun thing I did. Plz leave a comment! :yesway: :) <div style="width:473px; border:solid #999999 1px...
  19. Seedawakener

    OGD-NPD! (Brian Moore i9 and Nailbombs) Pictures inside!

    Bought this in NYC a year ago... Never posted any pictures. Got a pair of Nailbombs and a trilogy suite single coil for it a while back and finally got the chance to put them in... Sounds absolutely fantastic and looks just as good as it sounds! on to the pics:
  20. Seedawakener

    Terria - The Day, This Day: My band live in HD! Prog metal content!

    :metal: Finally got this from a friend! It was recorded a few months ago! Hope you like it! A few minor fuck ups but nothing big.