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  1. Seedawakener

    Groovin' Rhythms

    If you're interested in the whole "insane pocket and time"-aspect you should check out Chick Corea. He is probably the most rythmic musician I know of. In this aspect he is just ridiculous. Grooviest solo part ever. Great bass and drum-playing too.
  2. Seedawakener

    Heavy Metal Soap Opera (The Mike Portnoy vs. Dream Theater Saga)

    Nope. Never said that. Just something progressive for once.
  3. Seedawakener

    Heavy Metal Soap Opera (The Mike Portnoy vs. Dream Theater Saga)

    I seriously believe this is good news! THe quality of DT's albums have been getting worse every album since 6DOIT IMO. Portnoy quitting might just shake the band to go in a different direction. Maybe, just maybe they'll put out something fresh next time. DT has released nothing that could even...
  4. Seedawakener

    Scott Henderson dominating with Jean Luc Ponty!

    :yesway: You'll have to search for a long time to find a man with better thematic phrasing than this guy.
  5. Seedawakener

    BLS, Clutch, CoB Tour

    Very strange line up indeed! Although, Clutch is fucking amazing live!
  6. Seedawakener

    Tech/prog deathmetal scales

    Well... Probably a few. Dominant Phrygian/Spanish Phrygian is very often used as a tonal scale in this sort of music. Melodic and harmonic minor as well. There is also a lot of usage of symmetrical scales like the whole tone scale and the whole-half diminished scale. Hope I could help!
  7. Seedawakener

    Is Marshall Harrison an asshole?

    I kinda agree with him about the legato thing since he is partly right. Legato is not a technique, it IS a way of phrasing. I seriously believe the guitar-legato-technique got it's name from sounding more like legato than the picked staccato sound. A conductor telling the violinists in an...
  8. Seedawakener

    Apostrophe CC7 (Construction process with pictures)

    Great choice of name! One of my absolute favorite albums ever! Looks great too! Can't wait to see it finished! :yesway:
  9. Seedawakener

    Henry Rollins wrote me back

    That is awesome! Henry Rollins is such an awesome person. I'm kinda curious, what was the subject of your letter?
  10. Seedawakener

    Ok... This is just silly! (13yo japanese girl on the drumset).

    Well, technique has nothing to do with it. Seems like to many people think that, though. It's a LOT harder to make something easy sound good than to make something difficult sound good since in that case it's all about making it sound musical. She's understood the most vital parts of music...
  11. Seedawakener

    C.B Murdoc - I just found out about these guys and I'm in awe. Groovy tech-death. wow

    Lots of attitude and really groovy riffs. Appearantly this is the drummer that filled in for Haake at a few Meshuggah shows a while back. :hbang: intense. C.B Murdoc on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  12. Seedawakener

    Ok... This is just silly! (13yo japanese girl on the drumset).

    I usually don't get to excited over kids like this but her playing is outstanding. Don't know where and how she managed to "get" music so well. :eek:
  13. Seedawakener

    Possible Red Seas Fire idea (Quintuplet groovage/Axe-FX/BKP)

    Yeah, that is awesome! IMO quintuplets are used far to rarely! We have this song in one of my bands where we go into a groove of quintuplets in 3/4. After a 3 periods of 4 bars the drummer starts accentuating every 4th quintuplet, which makes it feel like the tempo is changed with the riff...
  14. Seedawakener

    Any fans of Clutch?

    Feeling, it's all about the feeling. I need to find out why I suddenly feel so cool listening to Neil singing about waking up every morning drinking lots of coffee and watching the CNN. :shred: I don't know man, they just have that pure energy most bands these days don't! And they are really...
  15. Seedawakener

    Any fans of Clutch?

    I've been listening to these guys all the time lately. So groovy and heavy. Neil Fallon is the coolest singer and lyricist too.
  16. Seedawakener

    Positive Emotions Compressed in 3 minutes!:)

    Truly awesome! Seriously, The best music I've heard come out of this forum for a long while!
  17. Seedawakener (Watch this! You will not be dissappointed!)

    That was OK'ish! What makes me wonder is why he didn't use an instrumental version of the track. As far as I know there are one or two that you can get easily on the net!
  18. Seedawakener

    Beaming notes.

    I'd personally like to know where the pulse is when reading notation in 4/4. That is why I feel that it should be beamed "normally" and not like the phrasing of the rythm. That's pretty much the reason why beams are there. So IMO, no, it should not be done that way. It just makes reading more...
  19. Seedawakener

    This forum needs more Akira Jimbo MIDI drum triggering

    Casiopea = Best shit ever! Fantastic drummer too!