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  1. Dayn

    Where do you all get your strings?

    I get all of mine from Winspear, and other specialty strings and bass strings from Newtone, both in the UK. I used to use Kalium, but I can't stomach 10x to 20x the international shipping cost compared to the others. I also get strings from Stringsbymail, particularly 8-string Savarez sets for...
  2. Dayn

    27" Baritone tuned to E standard

    Since my RG2228 is in drop E, the first six strings are necessarily in E standard. It's completely fine, and it's my best-playing guitar, but ultimately I wish it was a 25.5-27" multiscale. That would've made it perfect.
  3. Dayn

    What guitar pick do you use?

    Max-grip Jazz III. I mostly use the carbon fibre ones, but the material doesn't matter to me much. I don't mind larger picks, either in size or thickness. But the larger ones I've tried don't have grip, so it always surprises me how easily they slip out of my fingers. I think I've settled on my...
  4. Dayn

    It was only a matter of time....Archetype Rabea. Ok then

    I'm really enjoying the effects and the synth tracks super well. I'm having a blast with it. If I can get it on sale I'll grab it, but I already have a swathe of plugins already. I can't say I'm surprised to see so many people ragging on the name without trying the sound, even on the NeuralDSP...
  5. Dayn

    NGD Rusti Guitars Lotus #1 headless

    Cs get degrees. Now enjoy the fact that it applies to medical professionals too.
  6. Dayn

    Anyone actually striving to be more minimalist?

    I can't bring myself to spend money on anything that doesn't have a clear use or if I already have gear that can do it. That handles pretty much all of my clutter, and the beauty of plugins is you can have hundreds or thousands and they take up the same amount of space. Although I am preferring...
  7. Dayn

    What do you dislike about your favorite guitar you own?

    It'd be nice if my RG2228 was a 25.5-27" multiscale instead of a 27" straight scale. I like the bridge, but it would be less complicated if the saddles were individual, and not an integral part of the bridge. But I had the frets replaced with stainless steel recently, so all that aside it's...
  8. Dayn

    What songs do you use to double as technique exercises?

    Ending solo to Dream Theater's 'This Dying Soul'. Nearly a minute of constant alternate picked 16ths at nearly 200bpm all over the neck. It's mostly a scale exercise really, but it's a fun one.
  9. Dayn

    NGD - My disappointment is immeasurable Part 2

    Just when I thought our prodigal son had returned. Speaking of another who hasn't left, I would appreciate a forensic analysis. I've been curious about getting this exact guitar, but the 'but Legator' factor is strong when compared with the price.
  10. Dayn

    7 string PIA anyone?

    Oh no, history's repeating itself. A 7-string version of Steve Vai's signature is revealed, it might be announced, then I won't have the cash to buy it, then when I do it won't be in production, then there'll be a new signature model. The cycle begins.
  11. Dayn

    Fishman pickups, why so much hatred now?

    I have 8-string Abasis and 7-string Moderns. I prefer the Abasis, but the Moderns aren't any worse, just a bit different. But replacing my EMG808Xs (which replaced my 808s) with the Abasis was like giving my guitar new life. Just better in every way, and I love the clean tones. When I got...
  12. Dayn

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    Pack it up everyone, shitposting has been automated. Turn in your badge before you leave.
  13. Dayn

    Am I being overcharged for Mayones?

    I'm totally with you on the purple, though the blue did turn out sick. Perhaps someone at Mayones just had the realisation that they were colourblind all along?
  14. Dayn

    NGD Rusti Guitars Lotus #1 headless

    Well, there went my lunch break. Putting pretty much everything to the side, including the tiny things, the finish flaws are at least no worse than my two WMI guitars.
  15. Dayn

    Lowest intonatable note at 28 inch scale length

    To throw my own experience in the ring, I use a .090 for D1 at 28.3". Intonation is pretty perfect. I use a .090 for E1 at 27" as well and it's close to perfect as you can get. But that depends entirely on the instrument and whether the saddle moves far enough back. But as said, how you play...
  16. Dayn

    Drop A on standard scale

    It's all a matter of how much you're willing to compromise. I'm not a fan of anything below C for 25.5". But it goes the other way, too. I've found 28.3" to be perfect for D1 with a .090. Going longer increasingly makes the sound less guitar-like, I find. Eg, I'm not that happy with a .090 for...
  17. Dayn

    Burning Hot Metal Takes

    Since we're mentioning Metallica now, here are a few. St Anger actually had some good music in it. Half of the album was good, it's just that it was spread out over every song. Load and Reload are good albums. But they're good hard rock albums, not the type of metal you'd expect from...
  18. Dayn

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    "Also, I can only truly express how I feel when I play in classical position."
  19. Dayn

    Steve Vai 2022 Inviolate European tour Rig run down with Thomann

    There's a related video that goes over his setup, and he uses a .052 for drop A. I guess he just drops the B as-is.
  20. Dayn

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    Just saw these in the new-for-July part on the Ibanez website. Vampire Kiss and Laser Blue. These were originally special North American models, weren't they? So they're going into general production? I've been wanting the purple RG550, but now I'm tempted by these.