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  1. Matt08642

    Pickup recommendations for Ibanez RGD7UCS

    Seeing as it's 26.5" scale, maybe those new Dave Davidson Occult Classic DiMarzios? He apparently designed them to better suit his 26.5" scale Jackson, and I can only assume he's using them with Revocation which is mega Tech Death
  2. Matt08642

    Charvel Pro-Mod DK24: Will D-Tuna work?

    My god that’s a spicy one.
  3. Matt08642

    Any love for Floyd Rose Bridges?

    Just adjusted the action on my FR under FULLLLLLLLLL TENSION, BABY.
  4. Matt08642

    Thinking of using active pickups

    I've sung the praises of the 81/85 set for ages, and I'll do it again! For 2000s Metalcore, nothing beats them IMO. Mostly because those are the pickups everyone used in that time period, but they also do the "EMG thing" the best - None of the competition (Blackouts/Fishman) really capture it to...
  5. Matt08642

    Ibanez Locking Trem flutter setup (conflicting info found online, need help)

    7 string flutter is difficult, even my 7620 with a LoPro edge and 3 springs (all straight) and 9-54 in standard barely flutters at all.
  6. Matt08642

    Does anyone else catalog their gear?

    I was restringing my 7620 in 2017 or 2018 when I accidentally ripped the trem claw screws out and needed a repair. I put it in the case with the strings I had put on and let it sit there for 3+ years, got it repaired and the strings sound nearly new, so I would say aside from playing that dust...
  7. Matt08642

    Does anyone else catalog their gear?

    Glorious. I've actually been meaning to document more details about the neck thickness and shape, just trying to find a plastic contour gauge that doesn't suck to get an objective idea of the neck shapes.
  8. Matt08642

    Either Mark Morton is trolling or he's teasing a little somethin somethin

    I think they're also trying to focus on specifically "Legacy" metal/rock guys for endorsements, like people who have been around in popular bands for 25+ years. Legacy artists for a legacy brand carries a gravitas to it, and also hits the right age demographic for people who have more disposable...
  9. Matt08642

    Does anyone else catalog their gear?

    Was it the spreadsheet that gave it away?
  10. Matt08642

    Does anyone else catalog their gear?

    Over the past few years (probably out of boredom...) I've started cataloging all my gear. Guitars, amps, pedals, strings I have "in stock", etc. It's mostly for tech/setup specs so I always know the current state of things. For example, I'll do something like this for my guitars: Basically...
  11. Matt08642

    Periphery Megathread: Everything Periphery

    Damn a new album, I didn't even realize Hail Stan came out over 3 years ago
  12. Matt08642

    Has the pickups rabbit hole worked out for you?

    The only guitar I swapped pickups in a ton on was my RG752FX. In 4 years I went from the stock PAF 7s, which I initially hated, to a Crunchlab in the bridge (because Djent/Periphery used it), then I tried a Titan 7 because the CL was noisy as shit and I never really dug how it sounded. After...
  13. Matt08642

    Let's talk about amp volume

    Absolutely. I never rawdog concerts or my amp at any volume above quiet.
  14. Matt08642

    NGD: Ibanez RGA321F - need advice on what PUs to give it

    I'd honestly just go EMG 81/85. Those pickups are Metalcore/Drop C 2000s riffing, and can definitely do djent (Marc Okubo from Veil of Maya used an 81 forever).
  15. Matt08642

    Ibanez RG655M vs Rg550 Genesis

    I legitimately didn't get a 655 because I required neon yellow with a maple board :lol:
  16. Matt08642

    Ibanez RG655M vs Rg550 Genesis

    Genesis doesn't come with a gig bag anymore, so one more point for the 65x series and the cases they got.
  17. Matt08642

    Ibanez RG655M vs Rg550 Genesis

    Probably 655M unless you want a neon color like I did :lol: The AANJ is superior to the tilt joint in all regards, and the TZ/AN combo is probably better than the V7/V8, although they aren't terrible they do seem a bit low output compared to my other guitars.
  18. Matt08642

    It's official, a """Pantera reunion""" is happening.

    Even Avenged Sevenfold is gettin' in on the action!
  19. Matt08642

    ESP Stef B7 pickup swap

    These are active soapbar routes that have been retrofitted with passives - there will be room in the cavity for a battery
  20. Matt08642

    Any love for Floyd Rose Bridges?

    How a Floyd Rose works: That's it. That's the whole mystery.