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  1. matttttYCE

    Beer Recommendation Thread

    I haven't tried Moylans Hopsickle, but I really need to. Currently I'm really liking these: - Lagunitas Hop Stoopid! PRETTY DAMN HOPPY! - Great Divide Rumble IPA (oak aged IPA) - Stone Ruination IPA - Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale (AMAZING!) - Stone Arrogant Bastard (can't get enough of...
  2. matttttYCE

    GSP1101 w/ Ground Control2

    You have a PM.
  3. matttttYCE

    EMGs not behaving - probably a wiring thing?

    Almost sounds like both the tone knob and selector switch aren't even wired up with everything. But it may just be a shotty soldering connection that has come loose. Take a look and make sure all the wires are connected to the pot and the selector. If they aren't, see here Electric Guitar...
  4. matttttYCE

    EMG 81/60 - $105 Shipped.

    I don't suppose these are white EMGs, are they?
  5. matttttYCE

    4x12 Cab Build

    This build is awesome! I LOVE the look of the separate speaker grills. Also, you made this build look so ridiculously easy, that I'm tempted to make my own now! Congrats on an awesome new cab!
  6. matttttYCE

    I Like Nickelback... Shoot Me

    Shit, I've always enjoyed their stuff and I think the newer stuff is still pretty damn good. Hell, the simple drum part at the start of the first song on All The Right Reasons literally sold me on that cd. Besides that, Animals is such a great song lyrically haha. Their tone and production is...
  7. matttttYCE

    Project Purple RG build

    +1. Seeing that color makes me tempted to try to do a purple finish instead of a natural finish with my Ibanez S series that I'm refinishing!
  8. matttttYCE

    N.G.D. (something s uper thin and mahogony awaits..oh yeah 56k blah.)

    Well, I never really used the middle pickup I had (when it was in there before I went to EMGs). Don't like or use single coils all that much anyways, and definitely like em even less in the middle position. And then there's the fact that I'm an EMG guy and I already have an 81 and 60 for it...
  9. matttttYCE

    N.G.D. (something s uper thin and mahogony awaits..oh yeah 56k blah.)

    Congrats man! I've always had an affinity for anything S series and I was lucky enough to find one in lefty in amazing shape a while back. It's currently being sanded and prepped for natural finish (and a sexy veneer top). It's one of the nicer playing guitars I've ever played, which goes to...
  10. matttttYCE

    NEW Whitechapel song debuts tonight at Midnight EST!

    I came just a little bit when I saw this thread at the VERY top of the new posts. And a whole lot more when I listened to the song the first time. I'm still in the refractory period, but listening to the song a few more times for good measure. Can't just roll over and fall asleep right after on...
  11. matttttYCE

    NAD! (whats bandwith?)

    CONGRATS, MAN! I've heard a ton of great things from/about V3s and one day, I WILL own one. ...Granted that will likely be after I purchase my ultimate dream amp, a Peavey 6505+. But that's beside the point haha. Point is, I'm kinda jealous (especially since right now, I don't actually own an...
  12. matttttYCE

    How does your band compose songs?

    It's really nice to see that some other people use stuff like guitar pro to write songs! I came from a band where we wrote only by jamming out riffs in our practice space for however long it took. That band fizzled out (after about 5 years) and I later joined a new group with the other...
  13. matttttYCE

    New Cab Day! Plus pics of the whole happy family!

    That ebay item has been taken down or whatever, but if it's the case I'm thinking of, I wouldn't get one of those, personally. Those tuffbox things aren't all that sturdy as they might seem. A friend of mine had one for his Orange cab and it was decent, but kinda flimsy. If you're looking to...
  14. matttttYCE

    New Cab Day! Plus pics of the whole happy family!

    Either way, both of us got some damn good deals! I actually think I like of the look of the slant w/ straight sides like you got more than I do the regular slant versions (what I got)...but then again it's all about the same, and looks practically the same in a road case. And a road case is...
  15. matttttYCE

    New Cab Day! Plus pics of the whole happy family!

    If anyone loves sweet fucking deals on mesa cabs, it's me! Got mine in practically new condition AND a road case for $650! Con-fucking-grats! :metal: And nice looking family and kids you got there :lol:
  16. matttttYCE

    Despised icon is breaking up

    Well that's dissappointing. I was really hoping for another album after Day of Mourning.. it left me with a feeling like it was seriously lacking in comparison to their others. Still decent, just not the best they could have done. Oh well.
  17. matttttYCE

    Direct no Cabs Live

    Can anyone confirm that you can run the 1101 with a powered monitor and a mixer?
  18. matttttYCE

    For you rack guys (5150 content)

    (yelling aimlessly) JERRY?! JERRRRY?! Is there a Jerry here? ....Here Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry?!:lol: Thanks, though. I'll check it out with him. 5150 rack version is like a dream come true!
  19. matttttYCE

    Direct no Cabs Live

    Sorry if this has been covered somewhere before but it seems relevant to the OP's question.. Can you run the Digitech GSP1101 in a similar way as an axe-fx? That is, can you run one of the balanced XLR outs to the mixer and the other to a powered monitor for a nice, smaller live setup without a...
  20. matttttYCE

    For you rack guys (5150 content)

    Where do I sign?! I'll take 3! No, but really.. Any idea what the cost of this is? Likely similar to the FH100 or the JFD100? Didn't see an exact price listing on the FJA site EDIT: And is it 5 spaces?