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  1. Musiscience

    ESP M-II "thin" vs "extra thin" neck profiles?

    I currently have a Horizon with the Thin U. Can confirm there’s nothing thin about it :lol: . Quite comfortable nonetheless!
  2. Musiscience

    Mayones Custom Thread

    Monitoring this thread! I have a production QATSI to post if you guys allow “non-custom”.
  3. Musiscience

    A silly ESP question

    The E-II FR7 and FR are listed as set-thru. Maybe Andromalia is unto something and they just build the FR equipped guitars in a different factory? I’m sure you’d never know if it wasn’t listen, I’m really just curious.
  4. Musiscience

    A silly ESP question

    While browsing the E-II models on the ESP website, I noticed that some Horizons are set-thru while others where neck-thru. Wouldn't it be more efficient for ESP to do just one or the other for all Horizons? Am I missing any considerations on why they would alternate construction type between...
  5. Musiscience

    Aristides Guitars

    Is this just a sticker, or have they developed molds to make semi-hollows?
  6. Musiscience

    NGD: Aristides, bring sunglasses for this one!

    Seen this one a few times too over the past year and also been tempted. Love the neon yellow on this. Happy NGD
  7. Musiscience

    NGD ESP Gold Splatter

    Splatter done right, this is sick! Happy NGD
  8. Musiscience

    Aristides Guitars

    This guitar is literally the antithesis to the single bridge high output humbucker no controls metal machine we often around these parts. Not for me but it looks cool.
  9. Musiscience

    NGD Rusti Guitars Lotus #1 headless

    You’re hiking and stumble on a Puma, is he: a) Clean -> proceed to pet b) Dirty -> do not build guitar This could save your life.
  10. Musiscience

    NGD: Only An Ibanez RG550...But A Pretty Cool 550.

    This is crazy nice. And you have a 670DX too? You are certainly one lucky guy!
  11. Musiscience

    Shitty Product/Sales Photo'

    Strong words, but also ignorant ones.
  12. Musiscience

    Shitty Product/Sales Photo'

    Kinda. Even decrepit mobile homes have doubled around here. Ramen and low quality frozen food are flying off the shelves more than ever due to quality food items being really expensive and a lot of families can’t afford it. So does high quality products. It is what it is and applies to pretty...
  13. Musiscience

    Your First Live Concert-

    Smashing Pumpkins in 2000. Fun memories!
  14. Musiscience

    Archon 50 VS 5150 iconic???

    I can't speak about the newer import Archon, but the original US made one is great. You won't get a 5150 sound out of it, so if that's what you are looking for, go for the 5150. However, with that out of the way, I much prefer the Archon. The clean tone is amazing, much better than any other...
  15. Musiscience

    Guitar Store “Etiquette”?

    Plug in, turn the amp as loud as you can, and play Sweet Child O Mine and Stairway to Heaven. Everybody love these songs.
  16. Musiscience

    Burning Hot Metal Takes

    Never got the hate for that album either, there's some fun song writing and experimentations on there. Soundtrack to Your Escape and Come Clarity were great as well. Anything after that I don't really care for.
  17. Musiscience

    New Slipknot track - The Dying Song (Time To Sing)

    I haven't listened to Slipknot much since Vol. 3, but this new single reminds me of the self titled record enough to bring a smile. Brings back memories of skateboarding to school listening to Slipknot on a Sony Walkman. :lol:
  18. Musiscience

    NGD: I can't stop buying used Prestiges

    No problem, let us know how it turned out!
  19. Musiscience

    NGD: I can't stop buying used Prestiges

    The top damage is a very easy fix. Clean the area and fill it with high viscosity super glue. Overfill a little bit. Let it dry for 24h. It’s not necessary to wait that long, but a thick coat of glue can take a while to cure. Take a razor blade and scrape the glue until you are flush with the...
  20. Musiscience

    FS ESP EII Horizon NT7B purple sparkle

    Thanks man! I really appreciated dealing with you. Don’t ever hesitate making a transaction with FitRocker33, he’s an incredibly friendly and stand-up guy!