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    Is it time to get new tubes?

    Tonight my amp went a bit bizerk. Mesa four channel amp decided to auto switch channels 3&4, but on the amp both channels were lit. The foot switch took a moment to get things right. I unplugged the foot switch, plugged back in and seems to be working. I check the back and this picture is what I...
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    NGD: Ibanez RG7421 '00 model

    First time playing the 7421 series, I have to say the neck is awsome. This one is in particularly great shape aside from a few nice gashes on the back. At some point the pickups were swapped. Going to be a good one to hold on to for a long time.
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    NGD: RG7620

    Received today off ebay. Plan on doing a refinish in a gray shade. Neck is almost new. Took the old strings off to clean. Shred time!! I think I messed up the pic uploads.
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    Should be in hands tomorrow. $600 plus ship/and "fake" taxes. Much better price than I have seen elsewhere. NGD pics on the way.
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    Any investors?...Tech stocks bull or bear for 2022

    So simple question. What happens to tech stocks in 2022? I'm heavy into tech, I have worked in IT for 20+ so seems logical. NVDA ER is next week and looking to take the bank home once they release and provide guidance. Not sure if I'll go back in after. Might look for some more EV stocks...
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    Digitech Death Metal

    Dumb question to ask if anyone here has used Digitech Death Metal pedal. I have one and no matter what settings I use all I hear is the same mush. I must be doing something wrong but I about to sell this. Just not working for me. Would appreciate any settings that worked.
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    Modifying pickup mounts

    I have a Ibanez RG7620 that should arrive tomorrow!!! NGD coming...So I want to put SD Black WInters in but I already know I have to modify the pickup mounts. I did this on a 6-string and it worked but could be done better. Any advice on cutting the square SD mount to fit the triangle Ibanez routes?
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    Did older Ibanez just go classic?

    Always on the lookout for some of the original Ibanez I started out with, RG570, RG7620 and K7's. Over the years I have bought and sold my fair share. I noticed in the past few months sellers are going double+ what the original retail price was. RG570s listed for ~1K, 7620 a bit better but many...
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    Need help on sound dampaning a room

    I just moved to a new house and I have my own room!!! YAY! But I need to put something on the walls to keep me from being kindly escorted by the neighborhood police. Looking at Amazon on some sound dampening panels has mixed reviews. What would be some suggestions for keeping the sound inside...
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    Ibanez K7 Blade Gray WTB

    Folks, Looking for a mint K7 in blade gray. Nuff said. Seen a few on reverb that slipped by me due to good pricing. (1300 or less for mint). Willing to negotiate.
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    What string gauge?

    So I picked up an RG5121 and the guy had it setup with some heavy strings. All i was told is that the heavy string is .60. The rest I'm not sure about. I just found a guy with a youtube video showing digital calipers for a reasonable price. Not sure if there is another way to figure out the...
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    Pickup combo

    I think I'm decided on the neck replacement being a liquifire, I'm hung up on the bridge to go with. Looking at both Dimarzio and SD. Anyone have a combo suggestion? Thinking about the Black Winter, Custom 5, Full Shred, Super D, or D-Activator. They will be in a K7
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    Hi everyone. Been looking at the site for years but finally had to get signed up. I've been on and off playing for about 10 years so I'm still learning. I sold all my gear years ago and I'll be starting off fresh. Cheers!