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  1. ukfswmart

    New Bloodbath MCD rules

    Unblessing the Purity arrived today, just imported it and listening to the first track right now :hbang: Axenrot is fucking on it! Some of the most consistent drumming I've heard for some time. And man alive does Mike sound good on this CD :scream: The packaging is really nice too; cardboard...
  2. ukfswmart

    Neck pup to compliment DiMarzio Super 3?

    I've had a DiMarzio Super 3 in my SC-600 for a good while now, and it sounds teh secksors. Stock, it had an SD SH-4 in the bridge and some Duncan Designed arse in the middle, so when I popped the Super 3 in I moved the Duncan to the middle, but it's still not sounding as I'd like it I want a...
  3. ukfswmart

    Engl 412 Pro vs 412 XXL

    Has anybody tried the Engl 412 XXL cab? I'm going to be getting a new cab with a head I'm about to buy, and I can't work out which cab to go with Judging by the Engl website, the XXL mainly appears to be an oversized Pro cab; does this mean it'll be very much the same as the Recto 4x12 I've...
  4. ukfswmart

    UK - Rackmount wireless and rack case q's

    Two things, boys and girls; Can anyone recommend a good digital wireless unit for guitar? I've done a search and everyone seems to be singing the praises of the X2 XDR95, but that doesn't seem to be available over on this side of the pond. Is it worth importing, or is there anything I can...
  5. ukfswmart

    'Three Little Pigs' deemed offensive to Muslims

    BBC NEWS | Education | Three Little Pigs 'too offensive' Welcome to the culture-eroding political correctness of the UK :mad:
  6. ukfswmart

    FS: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Road King MkI w/ King Kontroller

    Right, my baby's up for sale. This was my first fully tube amp and I'm sad to see it go, but I've my heart set on an Engl right now and I need to raise some capital! First things first: formalities Location: London, UK / Fleet, Hampshire, UK Contact info: PM me if you're interested Price...
  7. ukfswmart

    Stitch (or any Mac user, for that matter)

    Does anyone know of any half-decent PCI-Express soundcards that are MacIntel compatible? Lord knows why Apple don't offer any soundcard options when buying a Mac Pro, and the onboard card isn't exactly clean-sounding... I'm wanting something with between two and four inputs that'll cost...